Jesse Eisenberg Describes Favorite Type Of Weed During Interview With Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

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Jesse Eisenberg Favorite Weed

By Minyvonne Burke |

Jesse Eisenberg Favorite Weed


Jesse Eisenberg describes his favorite type of weed during an interview with Kristen Stewart to promote their film American Ultra, in which they play stoner lovers. On Monday, the pair sat down for an interview with BuzzFeed in which they discussed weed and tested each other about their knowledge of pot paraphernalia. Watch the video below.

“Even if you don’t proclaim yourself as a stoner and you smoke a lot of weed, you’re still a stoner,” says Stewart. Eisenberg chimes in, “That’s probably the only criteria for being a stoner, is smoking the pot.” He then describes what would be his ideal type of pot. “I think if there was some kind of marijuana that allowed me to enjoy life, but still like remember where I put my keys, I would do that,” explains Eisenberg, noting, “Because that seems like best of both worlds.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Stewart pranked her American Ultra co-star during a recent Funny Or Die sketch by switching the questions they were supposed to ask each other. Stewart instead asked Eisenberg questions about his dating life and favorite designer, while the actor was forced to ask Stewart questions about her favorite sports team and how she “bulks up” for roles.

Watch the video below to see Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart talk about weed, and tell us what you think.


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