Jessa And Jill Duggar Getting Own TLC Specials

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Jessa Duggar TLC Speciall Jill

By Shari Weiss |

Jessa Duggar TLC Speciall Jill


Jessa and Jill Duggar are getting their own TLC specials, the network announced on Thursday.

The sisters, along with their respective husbands Ben Seewald and Derick Dillard, will appear in at least two programs. Production will begin in the near future, with one of the shows potentially airing by the end of the year. No title has been announced.

The news comes two months after TLC canceled the Duggar family’s “19 Kids and Counting” in the wake of Jessa and Jill’s brother Josh Duggar confessing he molested them and other underage victims when he was a teenager. The network initially just pulled the popular series from the schedule, before ultimately deciding to yank it permanently. As Gossip Cop reported, though, even prior to that there was speculation that a new incarnation of the show could be created via a spinoff with Jessa and Jill.

That, however, started to seem unlikely when Jill and Derick departed with their baby son this summer for an extended mission in El Salvador. Apparently, though, that will actually be a focus of the new programming. TLC Executive Vice President and General Manager Nancy Daniels tells the Associated Press, “What we will be following in these specials is Jessa preparing for her first child, and we’ll be watching Jill preparing to make a major move to Central America with her family, which we know is something our audience will be interested in.”

“We know that our audience is really excited about what’s been going on with Jill and Jessa as they move into young adulthood,” Daniels further tells the outlet. “And now they’re both at the precipice of big changes. With what was happening in their lives in the next few months, it felt like now is the time [to do the specials], and we got going pretty quickly.”

The Duggar sisters most recently appeared on TLC’s sexual assault documentary, “Breaking the Silence.” The Associated Press reports their brother Josh will have no involvement whatsoever with the new programming. “They thought it was an important issue, and they showed an incredible amount of courage in sharing their story,” Daniels says of the doc project. “We were struck by that courage, and by how they are moving forward. Our audience continues to be engaged with what’s going on in their lives.”

She adds, “There’s no doubt it’s been a tough few months on the family, and we’ve obviously been in close contact with them as they’ve been going through it.” TELL US: What do you think of Jessa and Jill Duggar getting TLC specials?


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