Jerry Seinfeld Having Roseanne On “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”?

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Jerry Seinfeld Roseanne Barr

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Jerry Seinfeld Roseanne Barr

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Is Jerry Seinfeld having Roseanne Barr as a guest on “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”? That was premise of a story from a year ago. At the time, Gossip Cop said it was untrue, and now 12 months later it’s even more obvious the claim was 100 percent inaccurate.

Last year, RadarOnline maintained Seinfeld was going to have Roseanne as a guest on his Netflix show, all in an effort to rehabilitate her career and allow her to explain her controversial tweet about an African-American former aide to President Obama. The website’s report, which was based entirely on an unnamed, untraceable, and possibly made-up source contended Seinfeld came to Roseanne’s “defense” after she was fired from her ABC show in May 2018 for a racist message on Twitter about Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. But the truth is he never offered any verbal or other support for the comedienne. Seinfeld simply remarked in an interview how he couldn’t believe the way she imploded her career with just one single tweet.

While the outlet’s whole story was hinged on a so-called “insider,” Gossip Cop checked in with spokespeople for both Seinfeld and Roseanne. Seinfeld’s rep, who was authorized to speak on his behalf, assured us the blog’s report was incorrect. And Roseanne’s spokesperson similarly told us on the record the article was unfounded.

A full 365 days later, it’s clear she didn’t appear on his Netflix series, nor is she listed as one of the guests on Seinfeld’s new season of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” that’s slated to begin on July 19. Among those being interviewed this year are Ricky Gervais, “SNL” star Melissa Villasenor, Jamie Foxx, Seth Rogen, Martin Short, and Eddie Murphy. Additionally, a scan of Roseanne’s Twitter account makes no mention of her having been a guest on Seinfeld’s show.

It bears pointing out how RadarOnline’s track record with the comedic actress has been spotty. Shortly before her tweet about Jarrett, Gossip Cop busted the same outlet when it falsely alleged Roseanne was pushing Kabbalah on her former co-stars. And after she was fired from the show that bore her name, the blog untruthfully asserted Roseanne was going to star in a new TV sitcom to compete with the spinoff, “The Conners.”

In that bogus report, the website again insisted it had an “insider” who shared how a network had “already offered [Roseanne] a very fat contract” for her rival series. Naturally, that too was a lie. And this brings up the main reason why Gossip Cop often reexamines articles from the previous year.

While some outlets publish unverifiable quotes from anonymous and perhaps fabricated sources, we transparently debunk stories with actual evidence. Invariably, time also proves what’s fact and what’s fiction. In this instance, Gossip Cop noted Roseanne wasn’t begging Seinfeld to help her make a comeback and, of course, we were spot-on while the site that made the initial claim was undeniably wrong.


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