Jerry Seinfeld Black Lives Matter Joke Slammed

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Jerry Seinfeld Black Lives Matter Joke

By Shari Weiss |

Jerry Seinfeld Black Lives Matter Joke

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Jerry Seinfeld is getting slammed for turning Black Lives Matter into a joke promoting “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” See screengrab below.

On Thursday, the latest episode of Seinfeld’s web series premiered, featuring Lewis Black as his guest passenger. To promote the new installment, the comedian tweeted, “New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Lewis Black. Black’s life matters.”

That last statement, of course, is a play on #BlackLivesMatter, the movement against racial inequality and police violence against black people. Turning it into a punchline did not go over well with many on Twitter. Actor Benjamin Siemon even asked in reply, “Who’s writing your tweets now? The Breitbart humor section staff?”

@KevinTPorter responded, “what the f*ck jerry? @jtylerconway fired back, “Now I see why Larry David wrote all the jokes.” caillemillner declared, “This is a bad tweet.” And @ryanlittlefield announced, “well it’s 9am and this is already the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day.”

“Perhaps poor taste to use a legitimate movement for a pun about a white guy,” argued @natestradingus. @Travon told Seinfeld, “i love you man but this is disrespectful.” @PATBYRNE cracked, “Ooof…I wish this was a tweet about nothing.” @Maroonsista insisted, “@JerrySeinfeld Not only does this downplay the entire point of the movement, but it’s such an amateurish joke for someone like you.

‏@ordermeanother also said, “holy sh*t that is tone deaf… c’mon you’re better than this.” But as Seinfeld was blasted for the quip, many others came to his defense. @NodnarbYekcal, for instance, complained that the backlash was the “PC police coming for you with their fake outrage.”

‏@The_Dailey tweeted, “Malcom X would be outraged! JK This is literally the least offensive tweet of all-time.” @Chanoc_mty wrote, “What a bunch of PC whiners I see around here. @JerrySeinfeld’s Black’s Life Matters tweet was great. Why are people so offended everything?” ‏@marallense stated, “when people are getting offended by one of the LEAST offensive comedians out there… we have a problem. #itsaf*ckingpun

“Your comedy changed my life. Thanks for making the word a better, funnier place. Ignore these silly critics,” @dougdeal told Seinfeld. And ‏@cheekychimp even said, “Huge supporter of BLM AND I laughed. Guess I can separate a serious social movement from a pun by a comedian.” Seinfeld, who has spoke out against political correctness, is unlikely to delete the tweet or apologize.

Jerry Seinfeld Black Live Matter Tweet


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