Jeremy Gaynor The Voice Audition Video: Soldier Shows He’s A “Superstar”

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Jeremy Gaynor

By Shari Weiss |

Jeremy Gaynor


A soldier named Jeremy Gaynor had all four coaches fighting over him on Tuesday’s “The Voice” after he proved himself a “superstar.” Watch below!

Gaynor, who is a staff sergeant in the army, revealed he’s the lead male vocalist at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point. He joined the service to follow family tradition after earlier attempts at a music career didn’t pan out, but he was able to still work on his passion by providing “world class music that educates, motivates, and inspires the Academy’s core of cadets.” But now with his wife pregnant with their first child, the contestant was eager to “build a stable foundation” for his family and “leave a legacy” for his future daughter. “I’m ready to represent us all,” Gaynor said of potentially leaving the army behind if he met “Voice” success.

Well, success is most definitely headed his way. Gaynor preformed the Luther Vandross version of the Carpenters’ “Superstar,” and Christina Aguilera hit her button before he even finished the first lyric. Adam Levine and Pharrell then hit theirs simultaneously, and Blake Shelton soon followed. The country star hilariously started his pitch by saying, “I’m secure enough to say this — you are a stud!”

“I may seem like not the perfect coach for you,” Shelton went on, “[But] I guarantee I can carry you through the gauntlet of the ‘The Voice.’ We get you into the live shows, America’s going to love you.” Levine went next, thanking Gaynor for his service, praising the “charm” in Gaynor’s performance, and drawing a comparison between the military work ethic and how hard he’ll work to help the contestant in the competition.

Aguilera kept reminding everyone that she turned around first, and told Gaynor his talent is “undeniable,” before revealing that her own dad was a sergeant in the army and that she’s “deeply rooted in army music.” “I feel like you have a lot of stories to tell,” said the pop star, before acknowledging that Pharrell is “probably a strong candidate” to be his coach. Still, she added, “I think you are one of those talents that needs to be a household name. I’m so ready to take this season, and win this whole thing with you.”

But what about Pharrell? Well, he first congratulated Gaynor on getting four chairs, and called his voice “amazing.” The coach noted that this was an “incredible moment” for the contestant, who long-dreamt of a music career, and told him he’s now heading there. In the end, though, Gaynor chose to join Team Christina! Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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