Jenny McCarthy’s Son Called A-List Celebrities?

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Jenny McCarthy Son Called Celebrities

By Shari Weiss |

Jenny McCarthy Son Called Celebrities

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Jenny McCarthy’s son called up A-list celebrities, according to a very fishy tabloid report. Gossip Cop looked into the suspect claim.

The suspicious story can be found in the pages of the National Enquirer, under the headline, “Jenny McCarthy Kid Scores With Top-Secret Star Search!” According to the article, McCarthy “giggled to girlfriends about how mischievous son Evan, 15, literally stole the show by snagging mommy’s cell phone and dialing up his own unique version of ‘Star Search!'” The supermarket tabloid specifically alleges, “First, Evan eyeballed her and her high-powered agent’s closely guarded secret contacts list of Hollywood big shots, then triggered a string of off-the-wall phone chats with a stableful of stunned stars!”

“Jen was in stitches, tattletaling how her cute/curious teen scrolled her and her super-agent’s A-list contacts, and then actually chatted with mega-names that included Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, even Jennifer Aniston,” a supposed source claims to the gossip magazine. Yet this tale provides more questions than answers.

When did this take place? Who is the agent? Why did McCarthy have her agent’s A-list contacts? Where was the star when her son was doing this? How did McCarthy find out? What did she do in response? Where was she when she told “girlfriends” and how did the story end up in a gossip outlet? And who on earth thought it was a good idea to describe an autistic child as “mischievous”?

Notably, none of these issues are addressed in the report. And it seems likely if something like this did happen, and McCarthy found it giggle-worthy, she would’ve shared the incident on her SiriusXM radio show, or at least on Twitter, given that the comedic actress is very open about her personal life with her son. McCarthy also famously blasted the National Enquirer in 2013 for falsely claiming she and cousin Melissa McCarthy were at “war.”

In addition to calling the allegation “bullsh*t” on Twitter, she also posted, “Shame on you.” The disreputable publication should also be ashamed for seemingly making up this story about McCarthy’s son. While a rep did not respond to a request for comment, others with whom Gossip Cop spoke denied these celebrity phone calls took place.

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