Jenny McCarthy: ‘The View’ Asked Me To Come Back To The Show (AUDIO)

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Jenny McCarthy Come Back The View

By Shari Weiss |

Jenny McCarthy Come Back The View


Jenny McCarthy claims “The View” asked her to consider returning to the show, even though she was essentially fired from the morning chat fest last year. Listen below.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, McCarthy’s departure was announced last spring, and her final episode aired in August. McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlhberg were asked about the situation on Monday’s “Howard Stern Show,” leading the actor-musician to claim his wife has already been contacted to return.

“She’s very gracious about ‘The View,’ and I will say, I told her the day she left, ‘They’re gonna ask you back within six months,'” said Wahlberg. “And she won’t say it, but they did. Not officially, but they did.” McCarthy then explained, “One of the producers called and said would I ever consider it? And I said, ‘No, thank you.’ Because I couldn’t be me.”

McCarthy went on to say she “couldn’t be happier” with her Sirius XM radio show. “I’ve never been more happy with a job in my entire life than being here. I get to be myself,” she said. Still, McCarthy had an interesting prediction for the future of “The View.” “I think they might try one more year and then I think the Titanic might go down,” she told Stern.

Wahlberg also shot down rumors that there’s an estrangement with his brother Mark, and explained why there’s no hard feelings about his sibling’s absence at his wedding to McCarthy. Check out the audio clips below, and tell us what you think.


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