Jennifer Lopez Telling Drake To Lose Weight?

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Jennifer Lopez Weight Drake

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Weight Drake


Jennifer Lopez is telling Drake to lose weight? A new report claims the rapper “needs some pecs appeal — and more! — if he’s going to stay with J.Lo.” Gossip Cop has the skinny on whether it’s true.

A headline from RadarOnline announces, “J.Lo Tells Drake — Get Slim Or Go!” According to the story, the singer “has ordered her new boy toy Drake to lose the flab or risk losing her!” A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “Jen’s last man was a six-pack-stacked dancer while Drake’s totally averse to exercise and it shows. She’s told him he needs to be in tip-top shape to appear on her arm!”

As a result, the webloid says, “Now Drake is working with a brutal boot camp trainer.” Adds the site’s alleged source, “She’s got very high standards, and Drake’s just a bit too flabby for her liking. He can’t stand it, but he knows he’s lucky to be in the same room as her, so he’s doing what he’s told.”

Well, this is strange. Why would Lopez be making demands on Drake if, as RadarOnline claimed last month, she and Marc Anthony were going to go public with their romance and reveal they were back together? Of course, the exes hadn’t actually reunited, and the outlet didn’t know what it was taking about.

Now, surprise, surprise, the online publication still doesn’t. Lopez is not telling Drake to lose weight, Gossip Cop confirms, nor would she need to. He has always enjoyed staying fit, and has often shown off his workouts on Instagram. Oops.

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