Jennifer Lopez Wedding Plans?

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Jennifer Lopez Wedding Plans

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Wedding Plans

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Are wedding bells ringing for Jennifer Lopez? One magazine claims to know all about her plans to marry Casper Smart. Gossip Cop, however, can reveal what’s real and what’s rumor!

According to the new edition of Star, Lopez and Smart “were recently spotted scouting the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami, leading many members of the mother of two’s inner circle to believe that she’s getting ready to tie the knot.” Uh, wouldn’t actual “inner circle members” know for sure whether Lopez was planning a wedding? Isn’t that part of what would make them “inner circle members”?

The tabloid’s poor logic aside, a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Jennifer knows people might be shocked, but she doesn’t care. She loves Casper and doesn’t want to wait any longer.” In fact, it’s claimed, “Jennifer and Casper aren’t wasting any time because the beauty from the Bronx has her heart set on exchanging vows in October.”

To be clear, this story goes from saying the “inner circle” merely “believes” Lopez may be “getting ready” for a wedding to actually spewing specific details of the alleged affair. As the nonsensical article continues, it’s even said “longtime A-list pals” like Leonardo DiCaprio and Iggy Azalea will “receive invites to a ‘small and intimate’ ceremony.” The supposed source adds, “Although that’s not to say that their wedding won’t be anything other than extravagant.”

Well then! This article is all over the place, and there’s a reason why: It’s all made up! A rep for Lopez confirms this wedding plans story is fiction, not fact. That’s not surprising considering Star is the same outlet that claimed Lopez and Smart were marrying in Mexico back in 2012.

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