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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are not already planning a "lavish" wedding, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can shoot down this false claim. We're told it's entirely untrue.

OK!, which has published a slew of inaccurate stories about the couple, now maintains they are working on an over-the-top three-day wedding, and it's allegedly "going to be lavish just like them." To back up its premise, the tabloid has a so-called "insider" quoted as saying, "Since it'll be the last time they walk down the aisle... they want it to be as grand and extravagant as possible." And Lopez has "no problem spending money," asserts the supposed source, so expect an expensive wedding gown for her "fairytale wedding."

The alleged "insider" continues, "Jennifer's sold on the idea of a three day event, with famous friends performing the music, and a ton of activities for guests who can fly in from all over the world and enjoy a massive networking opportunity." Not surprisingly, the magazine can't come up with the name of one single musician who's expected at the "lavish" nuptials. And is Lopez really interested in throwing a "massive networking opportunity" or a wedding?

Of course, as Gossip Cop noted above, the whole article is untrue. But here's another tipoff to the falsity of the outlet's claims. The tabloid writes, "The likely venue is the Hamptons," and Lopez and Rodriguez are planning on tying the knot "either early next year or by next summer." Basically, this is a trick that magazines employ to cover themselves. Here, the publication is essentially giving itself a one-year window, hoping its manufactured report comes true sometime over the next 12 months. And if it doesn't, OK! is banking on its readers forgetting about its phony story.

Naturally, if the tabloid had legitimate Lopez sources, it would know if or when exactly she plans to wed and precisely who will be invited. But it doesn't. And whoever cobbled together this nonsense also has no idea how unrealistic a winter wedding at Lopez's Hamptons house would be. Gossip Cop is fully aware of the constraints, and it would be virtually impossible to exchange vows at her home at that time.

Regardless of all sweeping remarks and lack of specifics by the often disproven magazine, Gossip Cop still looked into the claim about Lopez already planning a "lavish" three-day wedding, and we're assured by a mutual friend that it's completely inaccurate. We're hardy shocked by how bogus the publication's story is. In the past, the tabloid ran a similar cover story that wrongly claimed to know Lopez's wedding plans with Casper Smart.

The outlet also maintained more than a year ago that the singer hired a surrogate to carry a baby for her. And more recently, the magazine falsely alleged Rodriguez cheated on Lopez and she was in denial. None of those articles aged well, and the current one about Lopez and Rodriguez's purported wedding plans won't either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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