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Is Jennifer Lopez really "upset" Victoria Beckham hung out with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony? That's what a tabloid is telling readers. But Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. A rep for Lopez tells us it is untrue.

The false story appears in the latest issue of Closer, under the headline, "J-Lo 'Hurt' By Posh's Holiday With Ex." According to the article, Lopez became "upset" after recently seeing photos of the Beckhams and their kids with Anthony on a yacht in Miami. "Jen wasn't happy when she them all laughing and joking on board and she felt like she had been betrayed, as Vic knows all about her messy divorce from Marc," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying.

The gossip magazine's supposed snitch goes on, "[But] Vic adores Jen and would love to see her again... David is still close to Marc and they were just spending some time together after Marc invited them on a day trip." Still, the alleged tipster contends to the outlet, "Jen's still close to Marc and felt hurt she didn't get an invite." To make up for it, it's claimed Beckham "reached out an olive branch and invited her to visit her and David when they move into their new Miami home." Asserts the publication's purported tipster, "Jen accepted and said she hoped they could rebuild their friendship."

What the tabloid has done here is combine some truths with some falsehoods, so allow Gossip Cop to separate the fact from the fiction. The two respective couples, Victoria and David Beckham & Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, used to be quite close, even posing together on the red carpet for the Met Gala in 2008. Lopez and Beckham later grew apart, around the time the singer split from Anthony in 2012. Despite their divorce, Lopez said last year that she sees herself and Anthony as "best friends" as they co-parent their kids and collaborate on projects. Most recently, over Easter weekend, Anthony hosted the Beckhams on a yacht outing and Lopez was not with them.

Those are the facts. It's the rest of the narrative, namely the premise that Lopez is "upset" about the get-together, that is fiction. Contrary to the claims, the "Shades Of Blue" star wasn't offended by the lack of invite to join them, nor could she have attended even if she was invited. Lopez spent Easter with her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, on the West Coast, approximately 2,750 miles away from Miami. It's not like she was in the Florida area, too, and Anthony and the Beckhams chose to snub her. And given that the magazine even admits Lopez herself is "still close"' to her ex-husband, it makes little sense to claim she would feel "betrayed" by an old friend hanging out with him in a group setting.

To use some boating puns, Closer muddied the waters by taking readily available information (the two couples used to spend time together, the Beckhams went sailing with Anthony) and putting a fake spin on it (Lopez is upset). But when looked at closely, it's clear there are some holes in the contentions that could, well, sink a ship. On top of all that, though, Gossip Cop also checked in with a rep for Lopez, who tells us this narrative about her being "hurt" is completely "bogus."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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