Jennifer Lopez Giving Alex Rodriguez “Ultimatum” Is Fake News

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguz Ultimatum

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguz Ultimatum

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A report claiming Jennifer Lopez gave Alex Rodriguez an ultimatum about their relationship is fake news. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

In an article headlined, “J.Lo Calls The Shots,” the National Enquirer says, “Jennifer Lopez has hit cheating slugger Alex Rodriguez with an ultimatum: Date only me, or else.” According to the supermarket tabloid, the singer “laid down the law with Stray-Rod” during their recent trip to France. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Jennifer’s plan was to use the vacation as a last-ditch effort to see if she wanted to continue the relationship.”

“Jennifer has told Alex from now on, she better not hear about any girls on the side,” claims the gossip magazine’s supposed snitch. “If they work it out, she’ll be all in. But she knows Alex has a history of dating multiple women, and she doesn’t want him making her look like a fool. Her ultimatum is it’s her, and no one else!”

Here’s what’s really going on: Last month, the National Enquirer claimed Rodriguez was cheating on Lopez with a mistress named Lauren Hunter. The only outlets to make similar claims were the tabloid’s own sister outlets. No reputable publication independent of the magazine confirmed any infidelity. In fact, Rodriguez’s camp maintained Hunter was extorting him, insisting she went to the gossip media with old texts pre-dating his relationship with Lopez after he refused to pay her money.

But then and now, the magazine has claimed Lopez and Rodriguez’s “romance exploded” as a result. On the contrary, however, Gossip Cop reported they were unaffected by the false cheating allegations. And now that Lopez hasn’t dumped the former Yankee player and has only moved forward with the relationship, the outlet is doing damage control and trying to weasel out of the mess it created. And it is doing so by claiming Lopez has “had enough of Alex’s womanizing ways” and is only staying with him if he commits to her and only her.

This article only continues a false narrative with more misinformation and more spin. Lopez and Rodriguez aren’t still together because of an ultimatum. They’re still together because there is no legitimate evidence he was unfaithful. Gossip Cop is even told this new story is “absurd” because it continues to deviate from reality. But the National Enquirer often seems to live in a fantasy world. Too bad we can see right through its tabloid tricks.

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