Jennifer Lopez Surrogate Story False

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Jennifer Lopez Surrogate

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Surrogate

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Jennifer Lopez is NOT “seeking a surrogate,” despite a false report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can correct the story.

OK! writes, “Jennifer Lopez has defied aging on the outside, but at 46, her prime baby-making years are behind her — which is why, according to a source close to the superstar, she and boyfriend Casper Smart are on the hunt for a surrogate!” The supposed “source” claims, “She knows she’s too busy to carry a baby so she has her team searching for the perfect surrogate.”

Uh, if Lopez is “too busy” just to be pregnant, how on earth would she have time care for a newborn? OK! ignores the fallacy in its logic, and instead states that with her twins now 8-years old and her relationship with Smart “solid,” she’s “ready to take on another little one.” Its alleged tipster adds, “If it all works in their favor, they’ll be parents by next year!”

Of course, Lopez is already a parent, but Gossip Cop has already pointed out how this OK! story is lacking logic. It’s also lacking truth. Gossip Cop is told that while Lopez is open to the possibility having more kids, she is not currently “seeking a surrogate.”

And, as Gossip Cop debunked a few days ago, Lopez is not planning to adopt, either. That wrong claim came from the similarly disreputable Life & Style. Perhaps the tabloids should stop trying to guess what the star will do next… and just let her do it.

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Jennifer Lopez is seeking a surrogate mother.


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