Jennifer Lopez is not taking Spanish lessons, despite a made-up report claiming the actress can't speak the language. The story is entirely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

"J. Lo: No Hablo Espanol" reads a headline in In Touch this week. The article says Lopez "didn't pick up much Spanish growing up on the block," quoting an alleged source as saying, "She knows very little and it's embarrassing. She's one of the biggest Latin stars in the world and is currently promoting Hustlers on Spanish-speaking talk shows, yet her command of the language stinks!" To rectify that, the supposed insider claims, "She wants to take some lessons or at least download an app that will expand her vocabulary."

Where to even start with this one? Lopez grew up in The Bronx as the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, and although English was her first language, the idea that she didn't learn much Spanish growing up is untrue. Not only has the singer recorded entire albums in Spanish, she can also be seen in interviews with Spanish media speaking the language.

It's possible this phony story was invented because in a past interview, Lopez admitted she might not be comfortable acting in Spanish. The singer admitted that her Spanish "is a challenge" and expands on that by adding, "I don't think I could get it right because I have to think about the words a lot and if you can't dominate it, it's difficult. I would not act well in Spanish." But Lopez most certainly speaks the language to some extent. Her command of Spanish doesn't "stink," nor is she taking lessons or looking for an app to help her, as the tabloid asserts. Gossip Cop checked in with an individual in Lopez's camp, who tells us the report is not factual.

It's impossible to trust In Touch when it comes to singer's private life. Just last week, Gossip Cop busted a story in the outlet that alleged Lopez was upset about Alex Rodriguez inviting exes to their wedding. That phony article was made up after the publication misconstrued his comments on a talk show.

In July, the same tabloid alleged Rodriguez told Lopez to stop being so controlling because she was making all of the decisions in their relationship. A member of Rodriguez's camp assured us the report was completely false. This latest article about the singer taking Spanish lessons is more fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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