Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Want To Share Spotlight With Shakira During Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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Jennifer Lopez performing in 2019, Shakira performing in 2018

By Hugh Scott |

Jennifer Lopez performing in 2019, Shakira performing in 2018

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Jennifer Lopez has no problem sharing the spotlight with Shakira during their upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, despite a blog alleging otherwise. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. It’s simply not true.

According to Naughty Gossip, Lopez has the producers of the upcoming halftime show concerned that she is unwilling to share the limelight with fellow Latin singer and co-headliner, Shakira. The outlet quotes a supposed “source” as saying, “Jennifer isn’t exactly a share-the-spotlight kind of person,” and further claims that Lopez’s friends were surprised she agreed to headline with another singer, especially a woman.

The insider adds that the producers of the show are going out of their way to “make sure that Jennifer feels like the star,” including making sure she has the larger dressing room. The article is completely false. Lopez and Shakira have done nothing but praise each other and talk about how excited they are to be doing the show together. Lopez said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I love that the Super Bowl has two women performing this year.” That alone immediately discredits the notion that she’s worried about being upstaged, especially by another woman.

Lopez went on to say about Shakira, “She’s such a dynamic performer. She does her own thing, there’s nobody like her, so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do.” Shakira added, “It’s going to be fantastic to be sharing that moment with someone like [Lopez].” Gossip Cop also checked in with an individual close to the situation, who tells us the report isn’t true, confirming that Lopez is excited to share the stage with Shakira.

The author of Naughty Gossip has a column in the National Enquirer, a paper that has been wrong about Lopez’s performance demands in the past. In August, the tabloid published a bogus story claiming Lopez would be bringing generators on tour with her due to a blackout in New York City that disrupted her show at Madison Square Garden. Gossip Cop busted the publication for their faulty reporting, and Lopez rescheduled the show for a couple of nights later, without her own generators on the premises.

The Enquirer also had its facts wrong in April when it published a piece alleging Lopez was rude to a fan during a meet and greet. The paper’s story was full of holes and empty on details, including where the supposed meet and greet took place. The tabloids just seem desperate to make Lopez into a diva that she isn’t.


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