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Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant and expecting twins with Alex Rodriguez? That's the premise of a new cover story, but it comes from a tabloid that also wrongly claimed Lopez was pregnant nearly a year ago. Now just like then, Gossip Cop is told she is not actually expecting.

But according to the new edition of Life & Style, Lopez and Rodriguez are "prepar[ing] to welcome a new addition — or two." The gossip magazine claims the couple has been "trying to have a baby, and some insiders believe she may already be pregnant — with twins! — at age 48." Referencing Lopez already having twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony, a so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "It wouldn't be surprising if it was twins again." An "insider" also contends, "Twins would be a dream come true, especially for Alex. He wants more kids right now."

The outlet alleges there's "telltale signs" that Lopez is expecting, because she's supposedly "craving ice cubes and orange soda, which she also craved when she was pregnant" the last time. As further evidence that the singer is set to become a mom again, the publication claims Lopez and Rodriguez were seen at Century City Medical Plaza in Los Angeles on April 4. Of course, one needn't be pregnant to visit a doctor's office. Nor do people only go to that facility if they're expecting. As noted on the Century City Medical Plaza website, there's a range of services provided there, from laboratory testing and MRIs to rehabilitation and pharmaceutical needs.

There also appears to be a blatant falsehood in this story. The aforementioned "source" also suggests the performer is pregnant because she "canceled two of her Las Vegas shows at the last minute over the past couple of weeks, which is very unlike her." But there is no evidence of any such cancellations. Lopez last postponed shows in Las Vegas following October's mass shooting. She resumed her concert series in February and March as planned, and Lopez even had a performance the same night she was supposedly seen at the medical building. Additional dates are not only scheduled for tonight, but through the end of September as well.

Nothing has been announced about changing the timing of any of the shows, and there's no proof to support the contention that two shows were "canceled" in the last few weeks. As Lopez has shown on her Instagram, she appears to be fulfilling her professional obligations as normal. Furthermore, this is the same tabloid that falsely alleged Lopez was pregnant with a baby boy in May of 2017, nearly a year ago. Just like this new cover (above), that one also touted a supposed "miracle baby."

Enough time has passed to show Gossip Cop was right with debunking that claim, which notably isn't mentioned in this new article. Now Gossip Cop is told on background by a Lopez confidante, who declined to speak on the record as a matter of policy, that she still is not pregnant.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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