Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez getting plastic surgery together? A new report claims the couple has actually turned cosmetic procedures into "date night." Gossip Cop investigated, and we can now fill our readers in on the truth.

The bizarre story can be found in Star, under the headline, "J.Lo & A-Rod Filler Up!" According to the tabloid, Lopez and Rodriguez are jointly "partaking in America's — and aging A-listers' — favorite pastime, plastic surgery," and "spending date night at the dermatologist." A so-called "snitch" claims, "Jen and Alex are both incredibly fussy about their physical appearance. They've started going to the doctor together, picking out new treatments for each other and comparing notes."

Yet the gossip magazine's supposed source doesn't seem to know what the couple has and hasn't had done. Instead, the outlet refers to an "expert," who makes guesses as to what enhancements they may have chosen. "I suspect Jennifer got Botox to smooth her forehead and frown lines, as well as Juvederm in her cheeks and lips to plump them up," alleges the plastic surgeon. As for Rodriguez, the doctor speculates, "Like most metrosexuals, Alex likely gets a chemical peel, too."

And in an attempt to be clever, the publication jokes that the singer and retired baseball player "called in a pinch hitter," and cracks that the plastic surgery is "one way to gain an extra inning." Still, there's no explanation as to why the tabloid has a "snitch" revealing Lopez and Rodriguez get cosmetic work done together but doesn't have any insight from the same tipster about what that's supposedly included. That doesn't make much sense. Could it be that the magazine just made the tale up with the help of its expert doctor, who has no known connection to the couple?

Let's also take a look at the outlet's track record. The publication has a history of running silly stories about the pair, from one that claimed Lopez threw out all of Rodriguez's "jock outfits," to another that alleged Lopez rearranged her schedule just to keep an eye on him. The articles have been loony, and this seems to be just the latest one. In fact, when Gossip Cop presented it to Rodriguez's rep, the spokesperson couldn't stop laughing and declared, "Best one yet!" And Lopez's rep also exclusively told us the joint plastic surgery contentions are "false."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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