Jennifer Lopez NOT Turning “Blind Eye” To Alex Rodriguez “Cheating”

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Jennifer Lopez Blind Alex Rodriguez Cheating

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Blind Alex Rodriguez Cheating

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Jennifer Lopez is not turning a “blind eye” to Alex Rodriguez’s supposed cheating, contrary to a sensational report. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight.

Last week, the National Enquirer accused Rodriguez of cheating on Lopez with a “mistress” named Lauren Hunter. The supermarket tabloid further claimed the couple’s relationship was “over” as a result. Gossip Cop, however, confirmed they were still together. A Rodriguez source further disputed the cheating claims, and even alleged Hunter was extorting him.

When it became apparent Lopez and Rodriguez were still together and there was no independent confirmation of this purported cheating scandal, the National Enquirer’s sister outlet RadarOnline accused Lopez of “doing damage control” and being in “denial.” The site falsely claimed the couple was only posting about their relationship on social media to combat the claims, and quoted a so-called “friend of the singer” as saying, “Jennifer is completely delusional right now.”

But those assertions didn’t hold any more weight than the original claims. Now the webloid is trying again. The headline of a new story published on Tuesday exclaims, “IGNORANCE IS BLISS? J.Lo Talks Father’s Day With BF A.Rod & Ex Marc — Turns A Blind Eye To Cheating!” A sub-headline states, “The singer seems unconcerned with her new man’s rumored mistress.”

Wait, “rumored”? Last week, the outlet and its sister publication were steadfastly insisting Hunter was in fact 100 percent Rodriguez’s “mistress,” so that’s a noteworthy change. The new piece goes on to say Lopez “ignored boyfriend Alex Rodriguez’s dubious cheating scandal this week” by suggesting they’ll have a joint Father’s Day celebration. The webloid again insists there was a “two-timing bombshell” and Lopez is in “denial.”

But it seems it is RadarOnline, not the singer, who is doing damage control. Lopez isn’t “ignoring” the “cheating scandal.” She’s simply unaffected by it. If it had any merit, it would no doubt affect her romance with Rodriguez, but it apparently does not. The notion that she’s turning a “blind eye” is a self-serving claim, a way for the site and its tabloid counterpart to explain why she and Rodriguez are still together.

She’s not blind to anything, because it seems there’s nothing over which to be blind. Until there is independent evidence or confirmation that Rodriguez did indeed have an affair, as claimed by these outlets, all the related allegations about Lopez are hollow.

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