Jennifer Lopez NOT Taken To Hospital For Made-Up Back Injury, Despite Report

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Jennifer Lopez Hospital Back

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Jennifer Lopez Hospital Back

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Jennifer Lopez was not taken to the hospital on Thursday for a non-existent back injury, despite a report. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned the claims are made up.

MediaTakeOut is blaring in a headline on Saturday, “Jennifer Lopez Nearly BROKE HER BACK… Trying To Dance Like CIARA… Watch The 47 Year Old… Get INJURED!!!” There’s nothing to “watch,” however, as the webloid doesn’t have video of this supposed injury. But in the story, the site claims, “Jennifer Lopez was taken to a hospital last night, after her performance in Las Vegas. She reportedly has a BACK injury. It’s not clear how severe it is.”

“But it could have been MUCH WOSE [sic] As the pics show, the 47 year old JLO nearly broke her back trying to do one of Ciara’s classic moves! We guess age is no longer on her side,” exclaims the site. Actually, age is on Lopez’s side. Facts, truth and reality are not on MediaFakeOut’s side.

To be clear, MTO only has photos of Lopez performing a dance move during her “All I Have” residency. They were not taken “last night,” as the article claims, but earlier this week. And not only were they snapped illegally, but they don’t actually show Lopez injuring her back.

Rather, the photographer responsible took the pictures during a bit in Lopez’s routine in which she pretends to be tired and falling, prompting her back-up dancers to come to her rescue. When they do, she toughens up and shows the strength she had all along. That’s all that happened, but the pictures of Lopez mid-movement are being used to fuel a false narrative about a back injury and a trip to the hospital.

Gossip Cop hears this untrue version of events started in the Daily Mail, which was forced to change its story, and acknowledge, “The superstar showed no evidence of injury, and slayed the rest of the show without so much as a wobble.” But MTO picked up the false claims, and chose to ignore the fact that Lopez went on to perform her Friday night show without incident.

In fact, Gossip Cop is even told there was a dance party backstage after the concert as Lopez, boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and friends celebrated two birthdays that had them partying until 1 a.m. Many at the private bash even documented the festivities on Instagram, with the footage making it quite obvious that Lopez was not in the hospital, let alone injured. Still, we also checked in with a rep for the superstar singer, who exclusively tells us the MediaFakeOut story “couldn’t be further from the truth.” Now that’s a brutal blow.