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Jennifer Lopez is not doing "damage control," nor is she in "denial" about Alex Rodriguez supposedly "cheating" on her, despite reports. Gossip Cop can set the record straight and reveal the couple's real status.

As Gossip Cop reported, the National Enquirer alleged in a cover story this week that Rodriguez cheated on Lopez with a mistress named Lauren Hunter. The supermarket tabloid contended the stars' relationship was now "over" as a result. Gossip Cop, however, confirmed with a source close to the singer that she and Rodriguez were still happily together. We were also told by a Rodriguez insider that he had not cheated with Hunter, but had a previous romance with her that was now being twisted by the gossip media.

In the wake of the disputed article hitting newsstands, the magazine's sister outlet RadarOnline blared online Thursday, "J. Lo Refuses To Believe Boyfriend A. Rod Cheated!" Asserting she's in "denial," the site quoted a so-called "friend of the singer" as saying, "Jennifer is completely delusional right now." The purported pal contended to the webloid that Lopez "reached out" after the claims were published, not for advice but to "make sure to tell all of her friends not to believe any of the stories that they are reading right now."

"She is so blinded by love that she will believe anything that he tells her right now," the supposed source told the online publication. Notably, these contentions stood in contrast with the National Enquirer allegation that Lopez and Rodriguez were "over." The site continued to contradict the breakup claim on Friday, with a new story headlined, "J.Lo & A.Rod Desperate To Prove They're Still In Love Amid Mistress Nightmare."

This latest piece begins, "J-Rod is officially in 'damage control' mode" as Lopez and Rodriguez "desperately try to convince the world there is no trouble in paradise." The webloid alleges the couple have only posted about their relationship on social media to combat the cheating claims. The point, maintains the outlet, was to "show that they were still strong together," even though "new photos of the couple reveal them looking nothing short of uncomfortable."

Those "new photos," however, are merely paparazzi pictures of the couple, taken from a distance as they boarded a plane. It's ridiculous to read anything into them, particularly when not mentioned is that they were traveling together to spend the rest of the week in Las Vegas. And contrary to these stories, Gossip Cop is told Lopez is not in "denial" nor doing "damage control," because Rodriguez steadfastly maintains he has not cheated.

Our insider again insists that nothing untoward has taken place between him and Hunter since he started dating Lopez. They're "not affected at all" by this distraction, Gossip Cop is told. "They're having a great time," adds the contact, and that includes spending time with their respective children in Vegas. Should anything change, Gossip Cop will update.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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