Jennifer Lopez Refused To Get In Pool For Music Video?

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Jennifer Lopez Pool Music Video

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Jennifer Lopez Pool Music Video

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Did Jennifer Lopez really refuse to get in a pool to shoot a music video? That’s the premise of a strange tabloid story. Gossip Cop looked into it, and we can now reveal what we know.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez “splashed cold H20 on the set of a music video shoot” by “refusing to dip into a too-cold swimming pool.” A so-called “spy” is quoted as saying, “Jennifer was supposed to dive into a song and dance number in the warmed water” after supposedly “demand[ing] the pool be pre-heated to her specifications.” But the magazine’s supposed source contends in unnatural language, “When the diva dipped a toe, she recoiled, snapping, ‘That’s not the right temperature! It’s cold!'”

The outlet claims that despite her protestation, the thermometer for the pool water was “flashing her decreed exact degree.” Still, “J.Lo insisted the gadget was wrong, and refused to get wet,” maintains the alleged tipster. Note how this purported “spy” went from calling Lopez “Jennifer” to “J.Lo.” Real people typically don’t do that. It’s also bizarre for a person to be referred to as “the diva” in conversation. Who really talks that way?

Those aren’t the only problems with this story. What music video was Lopez shooting? Did this incident take place recently or 10 years ago? Was the pool aspect ultimately cut from the production? None of these questions are answered. Lopez has released three music videos since April, the last of which was “Dinero” featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled. Neither are mentioned in the article.

More significant, though, is that Lopez does appear in a pool in the clip, which goes against this whole narrative about “refusing” to get in one due to the water temperature. And that’s not the only time she’s shown no objection to such a setting. In 2013, Lopez made a literal splash by pushing Pitbull into a pool and then willingly jumping in herself during a performance at the Premios Juventud Awards. Of course, none of this is included in the report, either.

So, to recap, the National Enquirer is claiming Lopez would not get in a pool during a shoot for an unnamed music video at an unspecified time, and only has oddly-worded quotes from an untraceable “spy” to substantiate its contentions. Meanwhile, there is evidence both recent (in the “Dinero” video) and older (during an awards show performance) showing Lopez in pools without any issue. Perhaps the tabloid and its questionable “spy” should’ve paid more attention to that. Gossip Cop also checked in with a rep for the superstar, who called this clearly bogus tale “very stupid.”


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