Jennifer Lopez Moving To New York City?

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Jennifer Lopez Moving New York City

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Moving New York City

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Is Jennifer Lopez moving to New York City? One tabloid is claiming the superstar wants a “change of pace.” Gossip Cop investigated whether the claims are real or rumor.

The allegations come from Life & Style, which writes, “Jenny’s coming back to the block — with her beau!” According to the tabloid, “After her Las Vegas residency goes on a four-month hiatus in August,” Lopez “will be moving back to her native NYC” with boyfriend Casper Smart. “J.Lo has told Casper that she wants a change of scenery,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

“She’s always dreamed of living full-time in her NYC penthouse again,” alleges the supposed snitch. “She wants to get away from the L.A. lifestyle and experience an NYC romance with Casper.” The magazine even titled its story “J.Lo & Casper: Settling Down In NYC.”

But Life & Style and its “source” are embarrassingly off-base. Gossip Cop is told Lopez has already been living in New York City since the beginning of June for production on season two of “Shades of Blue.” But as soon as it wraps, “she moves back to L.A.,” reveals our rock-solid insider.

In other words, this whole “settling down in NYC” after a “full-time” move “in August” is all wrong. The inaccurate tale comes from the same outlet that falsely said in May Lopez was planning to adopt. Funny how this new relocation story makes no mention of bringing a new child into the family.

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