Jennifer Lopez's movie career is frequently the subject of phony tabloid stories. Gossip Cop has debunked many reports about the singer and actress's film work. Here are five wrong rumors.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming Lopez's fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was upset by her "steamy scenes" in the upcoming movie Hustlers. According to the magazine, the former MLB star wasn't happy about the singer showing off skin for her role as a stripper in the film because "he wants her for his eyes only." In realty, the former Yankee is supportive of his fiancee's career and even accompanied her to the set of Hustlers back in March. The happy couple was photographed smiling and showing PDA in between takes.

In April, Gossip Cop called out Woman's Day for wrongly reporting that Lopez had a "meltdown" on the set of Hustlers over cheating allegations surrounding Rodriguez. Those allegations, which came from a Playboy model named Zoe Gregory, were uncorroborated and seemingly baseless. In fact, just one day after the model made her unproven claims, the singer and her fiance were spotted smiling on the set of Hustlers. Lopez never had any sort of breakdown over unsubstantiated rumors.

Last December, Gossip Cop debunked an In Touch article claiming Rodriguez was jealous of Lopez's shower scene with Milo Ventimiglia in her movie Second Act. An alleged insider told the magazine that the former baseball player "lost it" while watching the romantic comedy. Around the same time the bogus report emerged, Lopez spoke about Rodriguez's reaction to her shower scene during an appearance on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show. The singer noted, "He didn't say anything. He loved the movie though. He didn't go there." A rep for Rodriguez also confirmed that the story was completely made-up.

Back when Second Act while still filming in 2017, Gossip Cop busted OK! for falsely claiming Lopez was snubbing co-star Vanessa Hudgens on set. The outlet contended that Lopez was acting like a "snob" to her younger co-star and "brushing off" her dinner invites. Not only did a rep for the singer assure us the story was nonsense, but around the same time it was published, Hudgens attended Lopez's holiday party. The two co-stars went on to praise each other during the film's promotional tour.

Additionally, Gossip Cop debunked several untrue stories about Lopez feuding with Cameron Diaz on the set of the 2012 comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting. We called out various tabloids for coming up with phony angles involving an alleged battle between the co-stars. After spending months shooting down the false rumors, we were proven right when Lopez and Diaz appeared together on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and laughed off the reports about them not getting along. "They want women to be cat fighting," said Diaz, who went on to call such stories "misogynistic" and "chauvinistic."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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