Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Hates Alex Rodriguez?

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Jennifer Lopez Mom Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez Mom Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe, actually loves Alex Rodriguez, despite a report that maintained she hated her daughter’s boyfriend. One year ago today, RadarOnline peddled an untrue tale about how Lopez’s mom despised the former baseball player. But Gossip Cop revealed the claim was false back then, and time has further proven just how wrong the website was.

On September 18, 2017, the outlet suggested Lopez “find a new man” because her mom Guadalupe “hates” Rodriguez and didn’t trust his “motives.” The blog went on to note that “Lupe adored Marc [Anthony]” and had hoped her daughter would “get back together” with her ex-husband. A questionable source said every time Lopez’s mother interacted with the retired Yankees star, she would walk away thinking “he doesn’t hold a candle to Marc.”

Among the problems with the site’s claims, Gossip Cop pointed out 12 months ago, was that Guadalupe had been photographed with Lopez and Rodriguez on several occasions and always looked happy with them. The first of those good moments, which also was captured on film, was when Lopez introduced her mom to Rodriguez while strolling through New York. And shortly before the blog’s off-base article was posted, Lopez and Guadalupe were spotted at a Mets-Dodgers game at Shea Stadium, where Rodriguez was in the announcers’ booth for Fox Sports. Additionally, a longtime mutual friend of Gossip Cop and Lopez’s assured us the outlet’s narrative was “not true.”

A full 365 days later, Rodriguez and Lopez are still going strong, with the full support of the singer-actress’ mom. Of course, RadarOnline has not been particularly accurate when it comes to stories about the famous couple. Six months ago, for example, the site wrongly speculated Rodriguez was engaged to Lopez simply because she was wearing a ring while out one night.

More significantly, right after the website asserted Guadalupe hated her daughter’s boyfriend, Lopez, Rodriguez, and their blended families, including her mom, spent Thanksgiving together in the Hamptons. Just a month later, Lopez posted a photo on Instagram of her clan and Rodriguez’s celebrating Christmas in Miami. In fact, one month ago, while Rodriguez was guest hosting the “Today” show, he surprised Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and viewers by bringing along Lopez and her mom.

Clearly, she wouldn’t keep spending major holidays or her free time with Rodriguez if Lopez’s mom hated him. And, as noted above, a Lopez insider told us the tabloid’s premise was false. It wasn’t true a year ago, and it’s even more provably wrong today.


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