Jennifer Lopez Had “Meltdown” On Movie Set Over Alex Rodriguez Cheating Rumors?

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Cheating

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Cheating

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Did Jennifer Lopez have a “meltdown” on the set of her film Hustlers because of cheating allegations surrounding Alex Rodriguez? That’s the claim in one this week’s magazines, which featured photos of the actress in tears. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this report.

According to Woman’s Day, while Lopez is generally “all-smiles,” on April 1 she was “seen in floods of tears” because she was “struggling” with the “cheating rumors” about her fiance. To bolster its narrative, the often disproven tabloid quotes what it terms an “insider” as saying in unnaturally crafted language, “This should be the happiest time of Jennifer’s life. She’s in the best shape ever, working on a new movie and about to get married… But as much as she’s trying to brush off all the drama with Alex, it’s becoming harder to put on a brave face.”

Next, the magazine recounts how shortly after Rodriguez popped the question to Lopez, “A-Rod’s former teammate Jose Canseco accused the baseball star of having an affair with his ex-wife, Jessica,” and a Playboy model named Zoe Gregory alleged he “sent her explicit text message[s]” before proposing to the actress. “Jennifer’s fretful about what else will come out,” adds the so-called “insider.” The supposed tipster concludes by saying that while Lopez “loves Alex,” and that they’re “a major power couple,” she can “only take so much.”

Glaringly, the outlet neglects to mention that Jose Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica vehemently denied the cheating claim. To personally set the record straight, Jessica Canseco tweeted, “Those false accusations Jose is making are not true,” noting how she hasn’t even seen Rodriguez in more than five years and that she “certainly did not sleep with him.” As for Gregory, there was nothing whatsoever to prove Rodriguez even knows the Playboy model, let alone reached out to her. In fact, a day after Gregory made her unconfirmed assertions, Lopez couldn’t stop smiling while with Rodriguez on the Hustlers set.

More significantly, the tabloid isn’t exactly being forthright about why Lopez was pictured in tears. As a number of outlets noted in articles that accompanied the same photos, Lopez and co-star Constance Wu were filming a scene for Hustlers that called for them both to be crying while embracing. And while the magazine’s seemingly made-up “source” contends it’s becoming harder for the performer to “put on a brave face,” one actually cannot see her face in an Instagram photo Lopez posted of herself kissing Rodriguez at the Philadelphia Phillies’s stadium four days after she supposedly had a “meltdown” over the “cheating rumors.”

Of course, it’s hard to believe the publication truly has an “insider,” considering three months ago the same outlet insisted Lopez and Rodriguez were “days away from a split.” It’s also the same tabloid that swore up and down that Lopez and Rodriguez were getting married in the summer of 2018 in Italy. Much like those tales, the latest article is also untrue.


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