Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez already planning to get married next spring? Gossip Cop has learned that while the couple is moving in the right direction, there's no specific wedding plans in the works at this time.

But Life & Style has an article in its current edition with the headline, "J. Lo & A-Rod: Saying 'I Do' In The Spring." Indeed, a so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "They're hoping to tie the knot in the spring. They're planning a city wedding in either New York or Paris." Those are two very different places, but the tabloid contends the couple is "still figuring out the details."

The gossip magazine also notes that "they've got plenty of practice," given that this would be the "second wedding" for Rodriguez and the fourth for Lopez. And in addition to wedding planning, the outlet goes on to discuss how the pair are "house-hunting together." Asserts the publication's supposed snitch, "They want to have plenty of space for all [their] kids. The fact that their kids get along so well has made their relationship stronger. They're one, big happy family."

Here's what Gossip Cop knows: Though the couple isn't engaged, the stars are getting more serious. In fact, last week, Vanity Fair released Lopez and Rodriguez's first joint cover story, which was all about their relationship. And it's true that the duo are currently looking for a residence they can share together in Manhattan. But a Rodriguez insider tells Gossip Cop that no one has talked about where or when they'll marry, or if they even will at all. It's certainly a possibility, but this story is premature. That's not surprising, and actually seems to be a pattern.

All the way back in March, Life & Style wrongly announced a "marriage and a baby" for Lopez and Rodriguez. Then in May, the tabloid falsely claimed Lopez was pregnant with a baby boy. The outlet changed course in July, claiming Lopez now had "cold feet" over marrying. Nothing was said then about a pregnancy, just as nothing is said about a baby in this new story. Suffice it to say, there's a documented history of the publication making big allegations that don't match reality at the time they're published. Fans can look forward to Lopez and Rodriguez potentially walking down the aisle one day, but they shouldn't look to this tabloid to break the real news first.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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