Jennifer Lopez Struggling To Juggle Parenting And Her Career?

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Jennifer Lopez speaks onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Press Conference at Hilton Miami Downtown

By Laura Broman |

 Jennifer Lopez speaks onstage during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Press Conference at Hilton Miami Downtown

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Is Jennifer Lopez struggling to balance her dual careers as a parent and a performer? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week, but the story has no truth to it. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and can confirm that it’s false.

A new article published in Life & Style claims the star’s heavy work schedule is starting to take a toll on her children, twin 11-year olds Max and Emme. An unidentified “source” tells the magazine that Lopez is “always working on something, and that’s the way she likes it,” but her kids “need and want their mom around.” The source alleges that Emme has asked her mother to stop traveling so much, as she apparently splits her time between New York, Los Angeles and Miami. “Deep down,” finishes the mysterious tipster, “J. Lo knows she needs to slow down.”

Gossip Cop finds absolutely no truth to this baseless rumor. We checked in with a source close to Lopez, who was not able to speak on the record about the situation, but assures us the story has no basis in reality. Lopez is known for being an enthusiastic and loving mother, acting as a parental figure not just to her own children, but also to her fiancé Alex Rodriquez’s two daughters, Ella and Natasha. In an interview with People magazine in December, the Hustlers star said that having children changed her for the better. “They made my life so much better [and] them being born led me in a different direction,” she explained. She added that their kids are top priority and the “number-one job” for the soon-to-be spouses.

Lopez may travel a lot for her work, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t carve out time for her kids. She frequently posts pictures to Instagram of her, Emme, and Max spending time together. Emme has even been known to accompany her mother on tour and join her on stage, most notably when she made a huge splash with Lopez and Shakira at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. It’s safe to say that when it comes to Lopez’s parenting skills, Life & Style has no idea what it’s talking about. If anything, Lopez’s continued success and resilience in the face of constant tabloid criticism makes her a powerful role model for her children.

And when we say constant criticism, we mean constant. Lopez has been a tabloid target since first achieving mainstream success, and Gossip Cop has debunked countless rumors about her. In January, we put together a roundup of all the wrong rumors about Lopez’s latest movie, Hustlers – and there were many. In early February, In Touch alleged Lopez was “feuding” with her Super Bowl halftime show co-star, Shakira. Even more recently, Woman’s Day made the absurd claim that Lopez had taken steroids to prep for her Super Bowl show. All of these stories were completely ridiculous and busted by Gossip Cop. 


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