Oscars To Alex Rodriguez: Truth About Those Jennifer Lopez ‘Hustlers’ Rumors

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Jennifer Lopez in a beige gown on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Jennifer Lopez in a beige gown on the red carpet.

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Jennifer Lopez’s hit movie Hustlers received a lot of acclaim when it was released in September 2019, so it’s no wonder both the film and its star are the subject of so many rumors. These stories ranged from attacks on Lopez’s romantic life to her career aspirations to plots about her Oscars snub. Gossip Cop investigated them all.

Lopez Losing Loyalty

One bogus story that appeared in the pages of Woman’s Day claimed Lopez had a “meltdown” on set over allegations her fiancé Alex Rodriguez cheated on her. The magazine reported that while Lopez was usually all smiles on set, one day she was “seen in a flood of tears.”

A supposed insider provided the outlet with a quote, “This should be the happiest time of Jennifer’s life. But as much as she’s trying to brush off all the drama with Alex, it’s becoming harder to put on a brave face.” This alleged insider sure seems to know a lot about Lopez’s inner thoughts, or perhaps they just passed along false information.

Gossip Cop looked into this story and determined the whole thing was hogwash. The allegations of cheating by Rodriguez were all denied by the former Yankee player. Besides, the tears on set could be explained away because it’s possible Lopez was shooting an emotional scene with co-star Constance Wu which called for both women to be in tears.

The Shortstop Shuns Steamy Scenes

The National Enquirer decided to wade into the rumor pool and reported that Lopez’s “steamy scenes” in Hustler upset Rodriguez. A tipster told the outlet, “Alex knew she was going to play a stripper, but after seeing her pole dancing and barely there outfits, he’s freaking out over all the men who will be leering at his woman.” Gossip Cop didn’t believe this story for a second, so it was simple to bust. Rodriguez didn’t seem to mind all that much when he visited Lopez on set in March 2019. The couple was all smiles and even engaged in some PDA.

Once rumors began swirling that Hustlers could possibly get an Oscar nomination, Star published a story claiming Lopez was already working on her Oscar acceptance speech. “Jennifer is already planning what she’ll wear to the ceremony – and who she’s going to thank in her acceptance speech,” a dubious source told the magazine. “Of course, she’s J.Lo, so while a nomination is great, everyone knows she wants to win.” Gossip Cop looked into these claims and determined they were false. In an interview with AccessHollywood, Lopez outright said she wasn’t getting her hopes up for the award.

One Snub To Rue Them All

Finally, the Globe weighed in with more manufactured drama, this time claiming Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were teaming up to tank Lopez’s Oscar hopes. A source told the outlet that Minaj and Carey believed Lopez had prevented them from appearing in Hustlers and now “they’ve teamed up and they’re doing all they can to wreck her Oscar bid.”

Of course, neither Minaj or Carey were ever attached to the film, but Gossip Cop wanted to check all our bases before busting this story. We reached out to a source close to the situation who confirmed our hunch. Lopez’s fellow artists didn’t have a role in the selection process for Best Actress. The tabloids just love to pit successful women against each other.


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