Jennifer Lopez NOT In Hospital, Despite Claim

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Jennifer Lopez Hospital

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Lopez Hospital

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Jennifer Lopez is not in the hospital, despite a speculative claim from a tabloid that didn’t bother to fact-check. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report. We’re told she’s perfectly fine and not in a medical facility.

According to Star, after Lopez posted some few photos to her Instagram account, the actress-singer’s fans became “worried and [began] guessing what could be wrong.” What’s wrong, of course, is the tabloid’s story. Anyway, the gossip magazine then notes among the new images Lopez uploaded to Instagram was a photo of flowers with a caption that read, “Thinking of you. Missing you. Besos xx, Macho 13.”

The flowers went sent by Lopez’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, who wore the number 13 when he played for the Yankees. In another picture, which featured a selfie of J. Lo, she wrote alongside it, “It’s all in God’s hands always” and added the hashtag “#faith.” The flowers plus her second caption about it all being in “God’s hands” and “#faith” wrongly set her fans and the tabloid into a tizzy.

The amateur sleuths at Star then asserted, “Looking closer, the background in both pictures looks to be a hospital and in the first picture it appears that the flower arrangements were placed on a hospital bed tray.” But rather than fact-checking whether Lopez was indeed in a medical facility, the tabloid instead quoted a concerned fan who commented on Lopez’s selfie, “Wait. Is that a hospital room? What happened my love? Yes. Faith is the key. Hope you’re ok.”

Albeit very dramatic, the magazine’s story is not very accurate. While the tabloid based its article on fan conjecture, Gossip Cop is actually assured directly by Lopez’s own rep that she’s not in the hospital. We’re further told by a mutual friend of ours and the singer-actress that she’s okay and the photo was actually taken in her bedroom.

The tabloid doesn’t exactly have a healthy record when it comes to reporting on J. Lo. In the past few months alone, the outlet falsely claimed there was “trouble” in Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship, and then followed up that inaccurate story with an article about her being pregnant with the former baseball great’s baby. Much like those tales and a slew of others that were provably wrong about Lopez, the latest about her possibly being in the hospital is also untrue.

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