Jennifer Lopez Slammed For Saying ‘American Idol’ Contestant “Sings Like A Heavy Girl” (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Lopez Heavy Girl American Idol

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Lopez Heavy Girl American Idol


Jennifer Lopez is getting slammed on social media over a critique she gave on Wednesday’s season premiere of “American Idol.” The reality show judge said a contestant named Lindita, who lost 150 pounds in preparation for her audition, still “sings like a heavy girl.” Not surprisingly, the comment did not sit well with many people. See the video below.

Prior to her audition, 26-year-old Lindita told host Ryan Seacrest that she had been overweight her entire life but decided to get into shape, and now even works as a personal trainer. In a behind-the-scenes interview, the contestant reveals that when she first started singing, people in her hometown would say, “She has a nice voice, but she’s really fat.”

During Lindita’s audition, Lopez whispered, “She sings like a heavy girl,” to fellow judge Harry Connick Jr., who responded, “That’s true. She didn’t lose that part.” The comment was apparently meant to be a compliment, as all of the judges were impressed by Lindita’s performance.

In her critique afterwards, Lopez told Lindita that she sang with “power and confidence,” adding, “People would dream to nail it like that.” Each of the three judges gave the singer an emphatic “yes,” and Lindita was put through to the next round. But when she left the room, Lopez once again said to her colleagues, “She sings like a big girl, though. Se didn’t lose that.”

Following the broadcast, many viewers tweeted their confusion about Lopez’s seemingly offensive remarks. A person with the handle @vgib95 wrote, “What is that supposed to mean JLo? Another reason why I stopped watching ‘American Idol’ for like 5 yrs.” And a user named @brandirahill questioned, “Why would idol NOT cut that part??,” while @Sunnishelly wrote, “That was a stupid comment, she sings like a heavy girl? Really J. Lo? People can sing regardless of their weight.” Watch Lindita’s audition and Jennifer Lopez’s “heavy girl” remark in the video below.


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