Jennifer Lopez “Diva Secrets” Being Revealed In Casper Smart Tell-All?

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Casper Smart Tell All Jennifer Lopez

By Holly Nicol |

Casper Smart Tell All Jennifer Lopez

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Is Casper Smart looking to reveal Jennifer Lopez’s “diva secrets” by writing a scathing tell-all about her? A new tabloid report claims Smart is thinking about getting revenge on the singer. But the dancer has completely shot it down.

According to Life & Style, Smart “isn’t happy” that Lopez is now “happier than ever” with former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, and he’s warned her that he could do “a lot of damage” by writing a tell-all. A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “Everyone has heard rumors about J.Lo being a diva. But no one knows the truth better than Casper, who was privy to all her bizarre antics.” The publication’s questionable “insider” contends, “If he ever wrote a tell-all book, he could really get revenge. He could reveal all her outrageous demands.”

The tabloid’s “source” further asserts that a “side of J.Lo that no one has ever seen before could be exposed. [Smart] could really peel back the facade.” But while the gossip magazine’s unnamed and untraceable “insider” maintains Smart “isn’t happy” with Lopez and could “get revenge,” the choreographer himself says it’s all untrue.

In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Smart noted he still has a good relationship with Lopez. He added that they’re “friends” and, to this day, they have “nothing but respect and love for each other.” And when asked if he’s happy for her and Rodriguez, Smart replied, “Of course… I want nothing but the best and love [for her].”

Sadly, it does not surprise us how directionally wrong the tabloid is. Life & Style has a long history of publishing off-base stories about the former couple. For example, Gossip Cop corrected the often discredited tabloid when it falsely alleged in a 2016 cover story that Lopez was pregnant with Smart’s baby. Naturally, that was wrong, and the current article about Smart thinking about writing a “revenge” tell-all about Lopez is no more accurate.

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