Jennifer Lopez ‘Diva’ Rumors: Ray Liotta Almost Turned Down New TV Show “Shades Of Blue” Over Co-Star’s Reputation

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Jennifer Lopez Diva Ray Liotta

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Lopez Diva Ray Liotta


Jennifer Lopez has been labeled a “diva” over the years, and it’s because of her reputation for being difficult that Ray Liotta almost turned down a co-starring role in her new NBC series “Shades of Blue.” But the actor, and even Lopez herself, insist in a new interview that she’s no “diva.”

In addition to starring in “Shade of Blue,” Lopez also serves as a producer on the upcoming crime series. The actress and singer tells TV Guide she was instrumental in casting the Goodfellas star. “You needed a strong, tough guy like Liotta,” says Lopez. “He delivers on all levels. He is perfect.”

Liotta, however, wasn’t nearly as excited at the prospect of teaming up with Lopez. He admits, “My biggest fear was that this was going to be ‘The J.Lo Show.'” Liotta was also “a little nervous” about Lopez having so much control over the show, since “everybody across the board” would be working for her.

But Liotta says he decided to “roll the dice” and take the role, and much to his surprise, “I met Jen and she was open. Not like, ‘This is my show.’ None of that from her.” He goes on to joke, “If anything, Jen was a cool chick on the set and I was the diva!”

Lopez herself addresses her “diva” reputation, insisting it’s a complete “misconception.” The actress notes that fans were even able to see when she judged “American Idol” that she’s “just an emotional, happy person who was actually nice,” adding, “I’m very normal and kind of down to earth.” Actually, over the years, Gossip Cop has busted several fake “diva” reports about Lopez.

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