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Is Jennifer Lopez demanding Alex Rodriguez to sign a “cheating clause?” A tabloid claims the singer is doing whatever she can to make sure her future husband doesn’t cheat on her. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jennifer Lopez Is Making Sure Alex Rodriguez Remains Faithful?

“J.Lo Tells A-Rod: You Cheat, You Pay” reads the headline in an article by Woman’s Day. According to the tabloid, Lopez and Rodriguez are putting their wedding planning on hold as the two are planning an extensive prenuptial agreement. The magazine contends that the legal process has put a strain on the couple’s relationship and refers to the pair “looking angry” while leaving a building in LA.

“All hell’s broken loose over the prenup and Jen’s about ready to call Alex’s bluff and dump him if he doesn’t sign on the line,” a source says. The insider continues, “The problem is they’re both used to marrying relatively unknown people and expecting the other person to simply sign.” Gossip Cop would like to pause briefly to note Lopez was married to Marc Anthony, a well-known Latin artist. It’s a bit odd for the magazine to say that the Hustlers actress and the former MLB player previously married “unknown people.”

The insider, however, adds Lopez is putting pressure on Rodriguez to agree to an infidelity clause. Rodriguez would have to pay $250,000,000 if he cheats. “His lawyers are insisting he fights," the source concludes. "Which means things aren’t too happy at home right now.”

The Truth Behind J.Lo And A-Rod's Prenup Drama

Gossip Cop can correct the phony narrative. We spoke to a source close to the situation who assured us that this latest report is false. Jennifer Lopez is not demanding Alex Rodriguez sign a cheating clause. As for the couple's possible prenup, Gossip Cop corrected a similar report last year from In Touch. The magazine asserted that Lopez wanted Rodriguez to sign a cheating clause in their prenup, but we ran the story by our trusted source close to the Selena star, who dismissed the narrative. Also, last month, Lopez shared a photo of Rodriguez on her Instagram, giving her partner some love via social media.

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If the two were having issues, we doubt Lopez would do that. In regards to Woman’s Day, we’ve busted the tabloid several times for being unreliable in the past. For instance, the same publication asserted that Lopez had a “meltdown” on the Hustlers set over Rodriguez last year. A few months ago, we debunked another story from the outlet that purported that Lopez was drinking over problems with the former athlete.

Either this tabloid doesn’t want to see Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez happy or it just loves bad journalism. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop will continue to expose these fraudulent tales.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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