CLAIM: Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Are “Officially Banging Again”

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Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Kissing Photo Bust

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Kissing Photo Bust

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are NOT “officially banging again,” as one site so eloquently put it. Gossip Cop has confirmed that, despite speculation, the exes simply remain close friends.

As Gossip Cop has reported, tabloid outlets have repeatedly tried reuniting Lopez and Smart since their split last spring. The latest claim comes from the generally reliable TMZ, which on Thursday posted a picture of Lopez and Smart sharing a smooch. “Not that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been fooling anyone — but they’re officially banging again… and we’re basing that on the fact they’re finally swapping spit in public again,” writes the outlet.

TMZ goes on to wonder if Lopez and Smart’s breakup last year was “all for show,” and writes, “J.Lo’s insisted they’re just friends, but after so much smoke… this has to be a 3-alarmer.” But the site’s logic doesn’t make complete sense. TMZ notes how the former couple “kissed out in the open for everyone to see.” But if it was such a public declaration of love, why would Lopez and Smart both also publicly say they’re single? If the public kiss actually meant something, why wouldn’t they confirm the romance is back on?

Well, that’s because it’s not. Gossip Cop has once again spoken with a Lopez insider, who assures us the singer and Smart are just friends, and an example of former partners who have figured out how to stay on great terms. Indeed, that’s what Smart himself said in an interview just last weekend. “We got a lot of ties. We’re very close,” he told E! News. “We’re friends. We’re very good friends.” There you have it.


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