Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Did NOT Fake Breakup Last Year, Despite Claim

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Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Breakup

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Breakup

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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart did not fake a breakup, despite a new story. According to a report that’s been widely picked up, the couple never split, and only pretended to go their separate ways in an effort to help promote their projects. But Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this. We’re told they absolutely split in June, but have remained good “friends” since then.

The usually reliable TMZ claims it found out that Lopez and Smart only made believe they had broken up as a “business move.” The site says the faux split was to generate “buzz” for her film The Boy Next Door, with rumors manufactured that she might be hooking up with her co-star Ryan Guzman.

The outlet notes that Lopez and Smart have been spotted several times hanging out together in the nine months since they supposedly pretended to split, and were recently photographed sharing a (very dispassionate) kiss on the “American Idol” set. Gossip Cop’s impeccable Lopez insider, however, assures us they are “just friends.”

First, it doesn’t even make any logical sense that Lopez would fake a split in early June when The Boy Next Door was released nearly eight months later in January. Additionally, there would be no reason for the two to sneak around when Lopez could easily say they simply got back together, assuming one subscribes to the fake breakup theory.

The truth is they haven’t reunited nor have they tried to pull the wool over her fans’ eyes for nearly a year. The same insider that confirmed to Gossip Cop a year ago that she wasn’t dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy, when a slew of lemming-like sites regurgitated that wholly inaccurate rumor, is the same source who maintains Lopez and Smart are “just friends.”

Could they get back together some day? It’s possible, but they haven’t faked a split for nine months nor are they currently dating.


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