Jennifer Lopez “Bye Bye Birdie” Musical NOT Canceled, Despite Report

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Jennifer Lopez Bye Bye Birdie Canceled

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Bye Bye Birdie Canceled

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NBC’s Bye Bye Birdie musical starring Jennifer Lopez has NOT been canceled, despite a report from a disreputable outlet. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

In October, the network announced “Bye Bye Birdie Live!” would be a one-night-only TV broadcast in 2017. It was revealed Lopez would not only executive produce the production, but also star as “Rose ‘Rosie’ Alverez,” with the additional roles still to be cast. But now a highly suspect site is claiming the plans have been scrapped, and the mediocre ratings for “Hairspray Live!” is to blame.

“JLO DUMPED BY NBC AFTER TERRIBLE RATINGS,” reads a 100 percent wrong headline from the widely-discredited Naughty Gossip. The unreliable blog writes, “After the disastrous ratings for Hairspray Live NBC is reconsidering its live holiday musical tradition and are considering cancelling next years broadcast of ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ staring Jennifer Lopez.”

Dubious “sources” are then quoted as saying, “They committed to Jennifer before they got the terrible ratings for Hairspray. These Live specials cost a fortune and unless they get great ratings they cannot afford to do them. Internally they are having a conversation discussing if they should even move forward at all with 2017 musical starring Jennifer or just cancel it and run a much cheaper movie. At the moment it seems that they are 50/50, but no-one want [sic] to be the one to tell Jennifer that she has been fired.”

But it’s Naughty Gossip that should be fired for peddling this misinformation. First off, as the executive producer, Lopez would surely know if NBC was having second thoughts. More importantly, though, the network is NOT. Insiders within NBC assure Gossip Cop exclusively, “There is no truth to this story.” “Bye Bye Birdie Live!” is still moving forward.

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“Bye Bye Birdie,” starring Jennifer Lopez, is being canceled.


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