Jennifer Lopez Butt NOT “Fake,” Despite Claim

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Jennifer Lopez Butt Implants

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Butt Implants

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Jennifer Lopez‘s butt is not “fake,” despite a report speculating she “bought her booty.” Gossip Cop can debunk this silly claim.

“Is Jennifer Lopez’ BUTT FAKE???? New Pics Suggest That J.LO… May Have BOUGHT HER BOOTY!! Can A Natural Booty… BEND LIKE THAT??” asks MediaTakeOut. The site’s story is based on photos of Lopez rehearsing for her July Fourth concert taping, but unsurprisingly, the webloid claims the pictures are from the official filming. MTO can’t get basic details right, big or small.

Anyway, the outlet writes, “At one point during the performance, she moved and her butt folded up.” And that’s literally all the proof the online publication has for asserting her posterior is fake. Of course, none of the snapshots actually show Lopez with her “butt folded up.” What they do show is the lining of her undergarment underneath tight black leggings. There’s nothing newsworthy about the pictures, and nothing suspicious about the appearance of her derriere.

And given that her rear-end has been making headlines for roughly two decades now, it’s rather strange to suddenly and randomly claim Lopez had an artificial booty boost. MediaFakeOut just wanted to run clickbait, and has done so many times before. In fact, Gossip Cop has busted similar MTO butt implant stories about Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Kate Upton, Beyonce and a number of other stars.

This latest instance comes almost exactly a month after MediaFakeOut falsely claimed Lopez was taken to the hospital for a supposed back injury. As Gossip Cop rightly reported at the time, the superstar never hurt herself, and therefore had no need to go to the hospital. A rep for Lopez now confirms to us the webloid has once again published total nonsense. Perhaps the site should just butt out of Lopez’s business.

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Jennifer Lopez’s butt is fake.

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