Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Never Got Back Together, Despite Claim A Year Ago

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Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

By Michael Lewittes |

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck never got back together again, despite a false report that Gossip Cop busted a year ago. Exactly 12 months ago, a certain website falsely maintained the ex-couple was “back on.” But the story was totally off.

On March 6, 2017, RadarOnline published an article with the headline, “The Return Of Bennifer! J. Lo & Ben Affleck Are Back On — And Hotter Than Ever.” At the time, the outlet claimed a “source” told the site that after they reconnected during a “script meeting,” it was like “they’d never split up.” The blog’s clearly phony insider contended Affleck “kissed” Lopez when they saw each other and there was still “so much chemistry between them.”

Of course, 365 days have passed and Lopez and Affleck not only didn’t work together on a new film, but more significantly they didn’t rekindle their romance, as Gossip Cop rightly reported then. A year ago, Lopez’s rep exclusively assured us the story was “false,” and a spokesperson for Affleck also told us there was “no truth” whatsoever to the website’s article. And it still remains 100 percent wrong today.

Actually, since that fabricated tale, Affleck has been dating “SNL” producer Lindsay Shookus, and Lopez is very much in love with Alex Rodriguez. Curiously, the website has gone on to write a slew of stories about each of the two stars, but hasn’t mentioned how off-base it was about Lopez and Affleck being back together. Instead, the often disproven outlet has simply churned out separate, false narratives about each of them.

In the year since its embarrassingly inaccurate “Return of Bennifer” article, RadarOnline has untruthfully asserted, among other misguided reports, that Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship is fake. In that story, the website called the couple’s romance a “PR stunt” and Lopez the “queen of fake romance.” The blog hasn’t been much more reliable with its tales about Affleck.

Six months ago, the habitually debunked outlet wrongly contended Shookus was pregnant with Affleck’s baby. And a little more than two months ago, the blog incorrectly reported Affleck dumped his (not pregnant) girlfriend to “win back Jennifer Garner. None of those claims or scores of others were true.

Disappointingly, the website has never posted an update or retraction. In fact, for a while after the original report, the outlet continued to push its phony claim about Lopez and Affleck reuniting before completely abandoning it. But if you’re looking for consistently accurate reporting year after year, there’s only one Gossip Cop.