Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony “Back Together” Claim NOT True

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Jennifer Lopez Bac Together Marc Anthony

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Lopez Bac Together Marc Anthony

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are NOT “back together,” despite a completely wrong report. Gossip Cop can debunk this speculative and embarrassingly false story.

RadarOnline asks in a headline, “Rekindled Romance?” It further teases, “Find out if the exes are back together.” And the accompanying story says, “Just days after breaking up with on-again-off-again boyfriend Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez was caught gushing about ex-husband, Marc Anthony.”

Of course, Lopez wasn’t “caught.” There was no secret conversation. She gave an interview in which she spoke about remaining close with Anthony for the sake of their children, and her continued enjoyment of collaborating with him musically. But, noting Lopez’s recent split from Smart, the webloid asks, “Do you think there’s a chance that Jennifer and Marc will get back together?”

This story, however, is missing one not-so-tiny fact: Anthony is MARRIED. He’s been wed to Shannon de Lima since 2014, and they’ll celebrate their second wedding anniversary this November.

Anthony and Lopez aren’t “rekindling” a “romance,” and they aren’t “back together,” either. All that’s going on is RadarOnline is proving, once again, how clueless it is. After all, this is the same outlet that ridiculously linked Lopez to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce last year. The site is not to be taken seriously.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are back together.

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