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Is Jennifer Lopez upset with Alex Rodriguez because he gained weight? Gossip Cop highly doubts this. Nonetheless, we’re taking a look at this uncanny tale. Here’s what we discovered.

Jennifer Lopez Angered By Alex Rodriguez's Weight Gain?

“Fat’s In Fire For A-Rod & J.Lo!” is the headline the Globe uses for its report. According to the tabloid, “tight & toned” Lopez is blasting her “blubbery” fiance’s dad bod. The magazine however suggests the former MLB player doesn’t seem fazed by this. “J. Lo told Alex many months ago he was starting to sag and get lumpy, but he kept dipping into the breadbasket,” an insider tattles.

The source continues, “Now he’s out of control, feasting on pies, chips and sweet treats and he rarely works out even though they have a fully equipped gym in every home they own.” The supermarket paper asserts Rodriguez will watch sports TV with nachos while the Selena actress is “sweating off calories” on the treadmill. “Jen’s wondering if this is a downhill slide that’s never going to get fixed. She has a lot of guys drooling over her and a lot of options as she often reminds Alex,” the source states.

ARod Doesn't Care About How He Looks Any More?

The publication then alleges the betrothed couple’s impending nuptials are called off. Amid the wedding's cancellation, the newspaper claims Rodriguez has been “packing on the pounds.” “In the beginning, they loved to work out together and Jen didn’t mind that Alex was such a foodie,” the source reveals, adding, “he’d go to any restaurant just to go check out the menu, but now his only exercise is picking up a fork and a knife.” The unnamed informant concludes the former athlete “had better turn around fast” or “he may find himself on the outfield with Jen.”

We've Heard This Bogus Story Before, Here's The Real Truth Behind J. Lo & A. Rod's Relationship

Gossip Cop is busting this absurd report. Not only is the tabloid wrong, but it’s also highly offensive. How could anyone take an article seriously when it uses words such as “blubbery” when describing Alex Rodriguez? And, Gossip Cop already corrected a similar narrative two months ago from the National Enquirer. The paper too implied Jennifer Lopez was “grossed out” because Rodriguez allegedly got fat. At the time we spoke to a source close to Lopez who laughed off the bogus account. It's doubtful anything has changed since.

As for the cancellation of the couple’s matrimony, that is also incorrect. The pair have postponed the nuptials due to the COVID-19 epidemic and are waiting for when the time is right. Additionally, the Globe has purported other inaccurate tales about Lopez and Rodriguez Gossip Cop corrected. From claiming Lopez was feuding with Rodriguez’s ex-wife to then contending the future spouses’ relationship was plagued by jealousy; it’s evident the paper has no insight into the couple.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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