Is Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’ wedding officially off? One tabloid article this week is claiming the couple have cancelled their engagement for more than just coronavirus concerns. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony claim.

Last month, it was reported that the star couple have indefinitely postponed their wedding due to the ongoing pandemic. Seems reasonable enough, but the National Enquirer is now claiming that there’s more to the story. “They’ve been bickering a LOT behind the scenes,” says one supposed “insider.” “The pandemic was a good excuse to slow things down before they jumped the rails completely!”

More unnamed “sources” say the couple are struggling under the close proximity of lockdown. “Jen is consumed with social media and showing off her body,” one says, “and it’s become an obsession for her that’s driving him crazy!” The tabloid finishes with a claim that Rodriguez “plays nice for the cameras but is stewing behind the scenes” over the supposed immaturity of his bride-to-be. “He feels like he’s living with a teenager and not the woman he wanted to marry!”

Now, it’s not like this tabloid is renowned for its accuracy, even by its meager standards this story is clearly bogus. First of all, Gossip Cop reached out to a trusted source close to the couple to find out more, who told us the story was “rubbish.” Rodriguez and Lopez are simply doing what’s healthiest for their friends and family. It doesn’t mean the wedding’s off forever.

Furthermore, there are these claims about Lopez’ behavior on social media. The article implies Lopez is “on TikTok all the time” showing off her body. In the months she’s been under quarantine, Lopez has usually posted to TikTok a few times a week, maximum, and many of her posts don’t actually feature her, or if they do they’re not explicitly about “showing off her body.” She’s often dancing in them, but she’s a dancer so that’s not exactly a surprise.

In a weak attempt to back up this claim, the tabloid provides a couple of photos of Lopez wearing bikinis with the caption, “Jennifer loves showing off her body on social media.” But neither photo was recent: one, she posted to Instagram this February, and one was taken back in March 2019 on the set of her movie Hustlers. The outlet had to comb through over a year’s worth of Lopez’ Instagram posts to find two photos that supposedly demonstrate her obsession with her own body.

For utterly mystifying reasons, the National Enquirer seems dead set against the idea of Rodriguez and Lopez getting married. Last August, the infamous publication falsely claimed that Lopez was “too busy” to marry her fiancé, leading to serious friction for the couple. Gossip Cop was told by a source close to Lopez that the story had “no truth” to it.

That October, the tabloid instead tried to claim that Lopez was “too cheap” to pay for the wedding as at that point they hadn’t set a date for it. “Jennifer is looking for some sort of deal,” a tipster said, adding there was little chance of her “wasting one of the biggest press days of her life without harnessing it to help her business.”

Gossip Cop dismissed the spiteful story: as Lopez herself had explained, both she and Rodriguez were dealing with extremely busy schedules that didn’t factor in wedding planning. She had also stated that she thought the question of “how much money can you make” didn’t matter compared to having “someone to grow old with.”

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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