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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have repeatedly confirmed they're not engaged, but that hasn't stopped the tabloids from falsely declaring them bride and groom. Since the couple's relationship began a year and a half ago, there have been a number of wrong wedding rumors. Check out five examples below

Shortly after Lopez and Rodriguez began dating in early 2017, Life & Style published a cover story that March announcing a "wedding & a baby." A so-called "source" was quoted as saying, "Both Jennifer and Alex know what they want, and they want to be husband and wife, sooner rather than later. They'll be married by the summer!" It was further alleged the nuptials would take place on a beach in Cuba with a "very romantic, family-friendly wedding." Upon investigating, Gossip Cop learned the claims were fabricated and rather premature. In fact, so off-base was the story, we named it one of our top rumors of 2017.

Last fall, OK! peddled multiple stories about the singer and the athlete tying the knot. After first claiming in September that a "lavish" three-day Hamptons wedding was in the works, the magazine maintained in October that they were planning a New Year's Eve wedding in Miami. "Alex hasn't popped the question yet, but they have talked marriage quite seriously," an untraceable "source" said, noting that the Floridian locale is a "city they both love." It was also asserted the wedding ceremony would involved their respective children because of how much they "love their blended family." Amidst all this, the outlet never said what happened to the previously alleged Hamptons plans. Gossip Cop busted both tales at the time, and Rodriguez and Lopez ended up ringing in the New Year at Disneyland in Anaheim, where they most certainly didn't get married.

But before that, Life & Style offered up another one of its own marriage narratives. A few months after being wrong about Lopez and Rodriguez marrying in the summer, the publication did a new story in November that claimed they would wed the following spring. "They're planning a city wedding in either New York or Paris," yet another anonymous "source" alleged, contending they were "still figuring out the details." In addition to planning their nuptials, it was also said the stars were "house-hunting together." And that was the only accurate detail. As Gossip Cop said at the time, Lopez and Rodriguez were indeed looking into moving in together in Manhattan. But there were no plans for a wedding to follow in 2018. And to date, none has taken place.

In February, Woman's Day manufactured another wedding storyline. According to this one, the couple had become engaged on New Year's Eve, and Lopez and Rodriguez were now envisioning a week-long marriage celebration to take place in Italy in July. It was alleged they had booked all 50 rooms at the Belmond Hotel Caruso in the resort town of Ravello, with a guest list said to include Nicole Kidman and Beyonce. Elton John and Stevie Wonder were supposedly "tipped to perform." But as Gossip Cop pointed out, a quick look at the resort's website showed plenty of rooms available throughout July. And shortly before this, Lopez herself said she wasn't putting "pressure" on Rodriguez for an engagement. In one fell swoop, she knocked out both engagement and wedding rumors.

But a few months later, NW tried its own hand at an engagement-and-wedding story. In May, the tabloid claimed Lopez and Rodriguez "got engaged on the down-low," and alleged they were "planning on tying the knot in the Hamptons over Fourth of July weekend." A purported "insider" supposedly said, "They've invited all of their friends to a party in the Hamptons for Independence Day... People are convinced that it's going to be a surprise wedding." The magazine even photoshopped a fake wedding invitation in an attempt to further sell its contentions. But it was all made-up. Just a week before this, Lopez had again shut down engagement rumors. And last month, when the holiday came, Rodriguez and Lopez did spend the 4th of July together, but no wedding took place, just as Gossip Cop said it wouldn't.

Meanwhile, just last week, the stars once again made clear they have no plans to walk down the aisle. Lopez addressed wedding rumors in a radio interview, while Rodriguez said on the "Today" show that they weren't engaged. They absolutely could still decide to marry one day, but it's abundantly clear all of these tabloid wedding stories were 100 percent wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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