Jennifer Lopez Does NOT Have “Pre-Wedding Rules” For Alex Rodriguez, Despite Report

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Wedding Rules

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Wedding Rules

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Jennifer Lopez does not have “pre-wedding rules” for Alex Rodriguez. In addition to being untrue, this report isn’t even original. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story and reveal its thematic origins.

“J. Lo’s Way Or The Highway! Diva Singer Puts Ultra-Strict Pre-Wedding Rules On A-Rod,” RadarOnline is blaring in a headline on Thursday. According to the website, Lopez “won’t marry” Rodriguez, or even accept a proposal from him, “unless he follows her ultra-strict pre-wedding rules.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Jennifer has a list of requirements a guy has to agree to before she’ll even consider marriage.”

Among the alleged stipulations is “moving in together,” but the supposed snitch maintains, “Jen will keep her home and wants Alex to give up his.” Notice this alleged “source” unnaturally went from referring to Lopez as “Jennifer” to “Jen.” Among the other “rules,” the purported tipster maintains that while the singer “loves Alex’s fit physique,” she “wants formal assurances he won’t let himself go as soon as she says ‘I do.’”

Lopez is described as “seriously controlling, with the “source” reverting back to “Jennifer” in that quote. The site’s specious insider concludes, “If Alex wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he’s going to have to play by her rules.” To underscore its contentions, the outlet regurgitates already debunked claims about Lopez hiring a private investigator to tail Rodriguez. There was no merit to those assertions, which were borne out of allegations he had cheated, which the former MLB star denied.

There has been increased speculation in recent months about a Lopez-Rodriguez engagement, which prompted the performer to insist in an interview, “I don’t like to pressure anybody for anything.” Of course, that goes directly against this RadarOnline storyline, which depicts Lopez has putting all kinds of pressure on Rodriguez to do things her “way.” But the blog has wrongly been portraying the former “American Idol” judge as a “diva” with “rules” for quite some time.

This made-up narrative dates back to 2016, when the online publication alleged Lopez was giving Marc Anthony rules for a supposed romantic reunion. As Gossip Cop rightly reported then, however, the exes weren’t getting back together. Then not long after it was revealed Lopez was dating Rodriguez in early 2017, the website brought the concept back to claim she was giving him a “strict list of rules” for their relationship.

What’s also notable is that last October, the site ran a report about Lopez and Rodriguez being in a “trial marriage” with plans in the works for “the wedding of the decade.” That piece was filled with alleged details of the “three-day event,” yet according to this new story, Lopez won’t even consider an engagement, let alone a marriage, at this point. So was the blog wrong then or now?

Well, both times, as it turns out. Lopez wasn’t wedding planning last fall, nor does she have “ultra-strict pre-wedding rules” for Rodriguez now. Like with that original Marc Anthony tale, Gossip Cop confirms with a rep that this latest “rules” article has no truth it.