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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged in March after two years of dating, but the two have been relatively quiet about the details surrounding their eventual wedding. It's no surprise considering how busy the two are with their careers, but the tabloids have used their silence as a way to drag the couple into nonsensical wedding rumors. Gossip Cop has busted a variety of these claims, including several specifically about Lopez being too controlling while planning the ceremony.

Towards the end of September, In Touch claimed Lopez was furious about Rodriguez offering to invite their exes to their wedding. The tabloid said the former Yankee "revealed" his desire to invite each of their exes to the wedding, which "insiders" argued would enrage Lopez and disrupt her plans for the nuptials. "Something tells me J. Lo is not going to like the idea," proclaimed an insider before the tabloid listed off some of Rodriguez's old flames that may stoke Lopez's anger.

However, the tabloid has just ripped a quote from another outlet's interview with Rodriguez and misconstrued it entirely. Rodriguez was merely answering a hypothetical about if exes could be invited to weddings or if they should never be invited in the first place. Rodriguez merely answered that it's better to have an "all-inclusive" wedding where one can invite exes. He never indicated that he actually planned to invite his own ex-girlfriends. Gossip Cop also checked with one of our sources close to Lopez, who dismissed it as fiction. Lopez has no problem with idea.

Around a month later, the National Enquirer reported Lopez was too cheap to host the wedding on her own and more concerned with finding an endorsement deal than she was with actually scheduling the wedding. The tabloid's "sources" said Lopez wanted to find "some sort of deal" before letting the ceremony take place, and there was "no way" Lopez would pay for the wedding or waste "one of the biggest press days of her life without harnessing it to help her business."

Essentially, the outlet argued that Lopez was more focused on her business than her fiance. The article was heavy on accusations towards the singer's handling of the wedding and light on actual details. In reality, Lopez had publicly mentioned that she was wrapped up in the production of Hustlers while her husband was focused on the then-upcoming World Series, so neither had put much thought into their plans for the ceremony.

Almost immediately after the last rumor went to print, OK! published its own about Lopez orchestrating a $3 million "Wedding of the Year." According to the tabloid's dubious "source," the lavish ceremony would include "extravagant floral arrangements," partnerships with high-end fashion lines and "plenty of celebrity guests" such as George Clooney and Britney Spears.

The insider did point out that this would be Lopez's "fourth time walking down the aisle," so "she knows how easily this could turn into a media circus" if any of the "important details" about the wedding's date or location got leaked. Shortly afterwards, however, the tabloid changed its tune and added in that Lopez had chosen Miami as her location of choice anyway.

Gossip Cop ran the claims by a source close to Lopez and Rodriguez, who immediately called them "ridiculous." The magazine didn't even bother to bring up its past incorrect predictions about the wedding, nor did it address the fact that Lopez had publicly mentioned that the wedding most likely wouldn't even happen this year. Even if the ceremony happens in the next month or so, there's still no way the outlet's points about 10-layered cakes and Gucci sponsorships come true. Until the two do finally tie the knot, we expect even more misinformation and baseless gossip from the tabloids.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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