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The tabloids frequently report Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are headed for a split. Gossip Cop has debunked many untrue articles about the couple's romance being in trouble. Here are a few wrong rumors.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for inaccurately asserting Lopez was having second thoughts about marrying Rodriguez following some recent cheating allegations against him. The first set of accusations came last month when former MLB player Jose Canseco said Rodriguez was having an affair with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco, who promptly denied the claim. Shortly afterwards, Playboy model Zoe Gregory contended the Yankees star had propositioned her over texts. The model, however, had zero evidence to corroborate her story.

The magazine maintained Lopez was ready to call off her engagement over the situation, but a source close to the singer assured us she's been ignoring the baseless cheating rumors. Just a few days ago, Lopez and Rodriguez were spotted kissing during an outing in New York City. The happy couple has also continued flaunting their love on social media.

Gossip Cop called out NW in January for wrongly reporting Lopez was dumping Rodriguez for ex-fiance Ben Affleck. The tabloid alleged the singer and the actor were secretly meeting up, and her relationship with the former baseball ball star was "hanging by a thread." Not only did Affleck's rep tell us the story was false, but just days before it was published, Lopez and Rodriguez were spotted working out together at a gym in Miami. Rodriguez even shared Instagram videos of their gym session.

One of the publications, Woman's Day Australia, went so far as to claim in January that Lopez and Rodriguez were "days away from a split." The often discredited outlet insisted the reason for the impending breakup was the singer's "controlling ways" and "clinginess," and Rodriguez's "roving eye" and "dragging his feet" when it came to proposing. Of course, not only did Rodriguez later pop the question (after six months of planning), but the article's premise was also untrue when the story was first published. For the past few months, both Rodriguez and Lopez have routinely noted they and their kids were one "family" that was growing closer by the day.

And in October 2018, the National Enquirer claimed Rodriguez felt "trapped" by Lopez and wanted to date other women. The tabloid had one of its untraceable and possibly fictitious sources quoted as saying the former baseball slugger was "feeling very caged" and was "ready to start playing the field again." While that piece was filled with a slew of odd-sounding quotations that used baseball references, Rodriguez's rep told Gossip Cop straightforwardly that the article was 100 percent false. Naturally, time once again proved us right. Far from splitting up, Rodriguez and Lopez are now engaged to be married.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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