Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Scouting Venues For $10 Million Wedding?

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Wedding

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Wedding

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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez scouting venues, with plans for getting married early next year in a $10 million wedding? That’s the claim coming from a tabloid that has been repeatedly wrong about the couple. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this report. We’re told it isn’t true.

According to yet another speculative article from NW, Rodriguez and Lopez are finalizing plans to wed, but haven’t found a location yet. A person described as a “spy” is quoted as bizarrely telling the magazine, “J. Lo and A. Rod are unofficially engaged and have been for a few months now.” That said, contends the questionable tipster, “With the end of the year approaching, their wedding plans have gone up a notch and it’s their top priority to get it all locked down and send invites as soon as possible.”

Among the possible places they’ll tie the knot, says the supposed “source,” are New York City, Miami, or the Hamptons. After the tabloid’s “mole” asserts Lopez “isn’t sparing any expenses” and that they’re “looking at lots of fancy places,” the outlet’s “spy” shares how while a “plush estate in the Hampton” initially seemed like a good choice, now they’re leaning towards a “five-star hotel” in either Miami or New York. In reality, the magazine is just guessing, based on where they have homes as well as family. It also bears mentioning that if they were truly looking to tie the knot “early next year,” it would be nearly impossible to book a luxury hotel with just a few months’ notice.

The unnamed and untraceable “source” then blathers how Rodriguez and Lopez have “set $10 million aside and will spend more if they have to” on the wedding, which will feature “the best of the best for music, as well as food and drink.” The purported insider also asserts they “want a star-studded guest list” and will give every invitee “expensive bling as a going-home present.” Notice, however, the magazine and its possibly made-up “source” actually have no specific details at all. Not one star’s name is offered as being on the guest list, nor does the outlet mention what type of “bling” they’re getting for attending the wedding.

The reality is NW appears to be simply speculating. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with an acquaintance of ours, who is tight with Lopez and we’re told the tabloid’s tale “isn’t true.” They’re not currently scouting venues for a multimillion-dollar wedding to take place several weeks from now. On a somewhat tangential yet related note, it would be odd for the former baseball player to be planning a wedding that costs $10 million when Rodriguez is trying to reduce his child and spousal support for his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, since he earns far less now than what he made when they divorced a decade ago and he was still on the Yankees.

As noted above, the magazine has a spotty record when it comes to reporting about Lopez and Rodriguez. In May, for example, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it falsely claimed Lopez and Rodriguez were marrying July Fourth weekend in a comparatively measly $5 million wedding. Oddly, nothing is mentioned either in this latest article about Lopez and Rodriguez fighting over a prenup, which the outlet wrongly maintained nine months ago. Gossip Cop suggests that publication start scouting for better Lopez and Rodriguez sources.


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