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Fans aren't only waiting for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to get married. Some have also speculated about the couple having a child together. Of course, such claims have been falsely spread by the tabloids, and one magazine in particular. Check out five wrong baby rumors below.

In March of 2017, less than two months after the superstars began dating, Life & Style published a cover story announcing a "wedding and a baby." The tabloid alleged the couple was not only planning to get married, but also wanted to add to their blended family by either conceiving naturally or adopting. "They'll either adopt from Puerto Rico, where she has family, or the Dominican Republic, where Alex's family is from," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. But when Gossip Cop investigated, we learned the report was extremely premature, and that neither Lopez nor Rodriguez was ready for such a commitment.

Then in May, the magazine issued another cover story, this one declaring they were "having a boy." It was claimed Lopez was pregnant with a "miracle baby." It was even said they were already designing a nursery with a baseball theme and debating possible names. And what about getting married? "Their main focus right now is on having a healthy boy. They both agree that's priority No. 1, and their wedding can wait," asserted an unidentifiable "insider." It was specifically noted that Lopez was "not showing yet," and of course she never did because she wasn't really expecting. Reps for both the singer and the athlete separately confirmed to Gossip Cop at the that the pregnancy report was false.

Fast-forwarding to January 2018, Star peddled an article contending Lopez and Rodriguez may have a "baby on the way." The outlet used a teaser on its cover to lead readers to believe she was already pregnant, but its report inside the issue was actually about Lopez trying for a baby. It was alleged she was "hoping an IVF miracle can help her start a second family," but a purported "friend" also claimed that she "could already be pregnant with their first child." To substantiate this premise, the publication referred to a 2015 People interview in which Lopez said she would "love" to have more kids. But as Gossip Cop explained then, that wasn't proof of a current pregnancy, and we were told she was not, in fact, pregnant.

In April, nearly a year after its previous "miracle baby" claim, Life & Style tried to dupe fans with a new cover story using that same language. This time, the tabloid alleged Lopez and Rodriguez have been "trying to have a baby, and some insiders believe she may already be pregnant — with twins! — at age 48." Since the performer previously had twins with ex Marc Anthony, an untraceable "source" said it "wouldn't be surprising" if she had multiples again, while an equally anonymous "insider" said twins "would be a dream come true" for Rodriguez. As evidence that Lopez was pregnant, it was claimed she recently "canceled two of her Las Vegas shows at the last minute over the past couple of weeks." As Gossip Cop revealed, that was an outright lie. Lopez last postponed shows after the Las Vegas massacre last October. Since then, she continued to fulfill her duties, and is still scheduled to carry on through September.

The most recent pregnancy rumor came just last week, when OK! maintained "a mini J.Rod may be on the way." The magazine claimed that not only have Lopez and Rodriguez been "talking about adding a baby to their blended family," but her "unusually baggy wardrobe is raising plenty of eyebrows." The outlet highlighted a photo of Lopez wearing a sweater in May, suggesting the top was chosen to hide a baby bump. But as Gossip Cop pointed out, just two days before this tale was published, the Daily Mail did a story on how Lopez showed off her "taut tummy" by wearing a sports bra on the streets of New York. Clearly she wasn't concealing any kind of baby bump.

Just about a month ago, Gossip Cop examined wrong rumors about Lopez and Rodriguez being engaged, and this new roundup further shows just how fertile the gossip media's imaginations can be. We even named Life & Style's marriage/baby double whammy one of our top rumors of 2017. Suffice it to say, fans are going to have to keep waiting for both.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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