Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Doing Reality Show?

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Reality Show

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Reality Show

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez never did a “reality show together,” despite a story that was manufactured one year ago today. At the time, reps for both of them told Gossip Cop that HollywoodLife had simply fabricated yet another false report. Now that a full 365 days have passed, it’s clear that website had once again cared more about traffic than the truth.

Exactly 12 months ago, HollywoodLies, as it’s commonly known, wrongly maintained Lopez and Rodriguez were going to “be working on a TV project” together. The outlet quoted what it called an “insider” as saying in clearly phony speech, “Jennifer Lopez is totally open to doing a reality show with her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.” Of course, the website offered no details whatsoever about what the purported “reality show” would be about because the former Yankees star and the singer-actress were, in reality, not discussing or prepping any type of program like that.

Significantly, while HollywoodLies hid behind an unnamed, untraceable and almost assuredly nonexistent “insider,” Gossip Cop had comments on the record from their camps debunking the blog’s made-up tale about Lopez and Rodriguez doing a reality show together. And in the intervening year, while that often untrustworthy site has continued to churn out provably false reports under the guise of having an “insider,” Gossip Cop has been working towards complete transparency with our sourcing. We not only try to get everyone to comment on the record, but we also list backup documentation we’ve used to arrive at our conclusions.

Between the two, Lopez and Rodriguez were involved in a slew of TV shows in the past 12 months, but none was a reality show in which they starred together. For her part, Lopez was on the NBC drama “Shades Of Blue” and a judge of the competition show, “World Of Dance.” Just days after the bogus HollywoodLies article, Rodriguez signed a deal with ABC that has him as a contributor on several news programs, including “Good Morning America.” He also appears on the hit primetime show “Shark Tank.” And, earlier this year it was announced that in addition to his work for Fox as a sports analyst, Rodriguez was joining ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball.”

Admittedly, Gossip Cop was not remotely surprised HollywoodLife concocted this fake news story since, weeks before the article about them doing a reality series, that same site made up a report about Lopez being engaged to Rodriguez. Irrespective of that lie and its subsequent errors, we still fact-checked the claim and Rodriguez’s camp assured us they hadn’t talked about being in a show together, while Lopez’s rep called HollywoodLies’ article “totally false.” What is disappointing, however, is that a year after its provably wrong and untrue story, the outlet has not issued a correction.


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