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Jennifer Lopez is not "questioning her future" with Alex Rodriguez after "cheating allegations," despite reports claiming she's "unsure" about their relationship. The "cheating allegations" are totally bogus, invalidating this entire narrative. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue stories.

According to In Touch, "Hollywood's hottest duo is on the verge of flaming out." It's alleged Lopez is "privately questioning" her relationship with Rodriguez after hearing "he's still in touch with former fling Lauren Hunter." A so-called "insider" claims "someone went to Jennifer with new details that Alex was still texting with Lauren," which counts as "cheating" in "Jennifer's book." The supposed source maintains the couple was "head-over-heels in love and planning to get engaged," but now Rodriguez's alleged misdeeds have "jeopardized everything."

"She has good reason to worry," asserts the gossip magazine about Lopez, referring to Hunter's claims in the National Enquirer last year about an affair with Rodriguez. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the former baseball player completely denied the contentions and instead maintained that Hunter was extorting him. In this new report, the outlet states Lopez "turned a blind eye" to the original allegations, but "now she's not sure what to believe." The purported tipster adds, "Jennifer's still on the fence. She can either cut her losses and walk away from the relationship, or she can fight for it. I think she'll fight for it."

That last line is the publication's way of saying "don't be surprised if they stay together," despite making it seem like they're breaking up. Lopez and Rodriguez's ongoing romance is not the result of her choosing to "fight" to save the relationship. It was never in "jeopardy" in the first place, so the pair is just continuing as normal. As Gossip Cop already reported, the claims that Rodriguez "cheated on" Lopez are false, a contact close to the singer confirmed to us.

And it's striking that while making such major accusations, the tabloid couldn't get even a minor detail right. In this story, which was published online on Sunday, the magazine calls Rodriguez the performer's "boyfriend of nearly a year." Lopez and Rodriguez actually already marked their one-year anniversary more than a week ago.

Not entirely surprising, The Inquisitr picked up the phony claims and posted them in an article on Monday under the headline, "Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Unsure About Her Future With Alex Rodriguez, Insider Tells 'In Touch.'" Fittingly, the blog screwed up dates, too, right in its very first sentence. The site writes, "Jennifer Lopez took the world by storm when she performed at the pre-Super Bowl LII concert on February 4." The show actually took place on February 3, the same day as her anniversary with Rodriguez.

These flubs may seem insignificant, but they call the online publication's credibility into question. It's also notable that the blog regurgitated the cheating claims today when they were already disputed days ago. To be clear: Rodriguez did not cheat on Lopez. And no, she is not "questioning her future" with him as a result.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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