Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez In “Prenup Drama”?

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Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Prenup

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Prenup

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Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in the midst of “prenup drama”? That’s the latest rumor to emerge about the superstar couple. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust the claim.

The story in question can be found in the pages of NW, which alleges that while Lopez and Rodriguez are “on the fast track to the altar,” they’re “butting heads over their prenuptial agreement.” Though both stars are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, a so-called “source” claims to the tabloid, “Jennifer figures she’ll be the big earner in the years ahead and wants to protect herself.” But Rodriguez, contends the gossip magazine’s supposed source, finds that “insulting.”

“He can’t understand why she feels the need to do this at all,” asserts the alleged tipster. The dubious insider goes on to claim to the outlet, “Alex is a little tired of being bossed around to such a degree. Despite their lovey-dovey photos, there’s definite tension creeping in.” But the publication never specifies just how Lopez supposedly “bosses” the athlete around, aside from allegedly wanting him to sign a prenuptial agreement, as many couples do.

It’s also curious that nothing is mentioned about Lopez catching Rodriguez texting a former fling. That was the contention leveled in its previous issue. As Gossip Cop reported then, the tabloid regurgitated bogus claims about the singer believing Rodriguez was “cheating” on her by communicating with an ex. But if the magazine really had a “source” of its own, as it purports here, it would’ve known the allegations were phony.

It’s apparent the outlet doesn’t have real inside access to Lopez and Rodriguez’s world, which is why it’s peddling bogus tales two weeks in a row. In this case, Gossip Cop is exclusively told by an insider close to the couple, who wasn’t at liberty to comment on the record, that this supposed “prenup drama” is “made-up.” In fact, it’s worth noting that just weeks ago when Lopez was asked about a potential engagement, she refused to urge Rodriguez on, saying, “I don’t like to pressure anybody for anything.”

From her own comment then, it can be inferred she wouldn’t be pressuring him to sign a prenuptial agreement, either, particularly when they aren’t even engaged. Of course, even though the pair has only been dating for a year, the gossip media has already spread a lot of misinformation about a marriage. For example, Gossip Cop already busted In Touch last April for an untrue story about Lopez and Rodriguez signing a $760 million prenup. For now, such claims remain premature.